Monday, July 02, 2012

25 Ways to Find Joy - Day 1 - Accept Others As They Are!

My son, whom I adore! The look on his face explains so much
about who he is! :0)

A great way to find joy today is to live in ACCEPTANCE. Why do we feel the need to try to make those around us duplicates of who we are? Think like ME, act like Me. Don't challenge my world. Joy comes in accepting other folks just like they are. How God made them to be.

This is difficult in many situations, but especially when dealing with your children. Finding that balance between teaching them and controlling them can be tricky.

Take for example, my 13-year-old son Noah. Love him! But I constantly fight the need to make him, well, a younger male version of ME. Doesn't work, but I keep trying. On our vacation, I asked my son to smile for photos often. Too often for his teenage self. So he started posing like a goofball.

My choice? Find joy by accepting who he is OR making it a big deal and fighting him on it.

I chose joy!! And then I started laughing every time he did his goofy pose.

Today, make the choice!! Find joy by accepting and celebrating the individuality of those around you, especially family!

Here is my goofy boy who I accept and love:

Washington Monument


In the Smithsonian American History Museum

In the Smithsonian Museum of American Art

In a Route 66 Motel

At a Gun Museum



Kay Day said...

Love those photos!
And I know just what you mean. I've been trying to look at my kids as people I'm trying to get to know rather than as my kids. Trying to see them as the individuals they are and relish their uniqueness. It takes some effort to do so rather than seeing them the way I want them to be.
Love this post!

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Kay! I like your phrase "relish their uniqueness." Exactly my point. And what joy comes from relishing! :0)