Thursday, July 12, 2012

Way #9 to Find Joy - Clean?

Yep, clean something.

This week I've been cleaning my home systematically. Not just picking up, but really cleaning. And I have to be honest with you.

I've hated it.

To me, there is absolutely nothing joyous about dusting or wiping or sweeping. I did not giggle ONCE as I mopped the bathroom floors. No angels sang and no birds appeared as they did with Snow White as I cleaned the cabinet doors.

And today I rented a carpet cleaner for two rooms. For hours the cleaner stood across from me, by the door where I'd left it. It mocked me and told me that I spent the money, I had to use it.

I posted on Facebook my dilemna with procrastination and several folks encouraged me and cheered me on and advised me to reward myself. I took their courage and used the cleaner.

I did. Eventually. I prepped the carpet and moved furniture and I shampooed my carpet. It still isn't perfect, but it's so much cleaner.

I am now finished. And guess what?

Joy. It has crept up into me and surprised me with the satisfaction of doing a job well (sorta) and having a finished product I'm proud of. My reward is tomorrow. I'm going off to spend the entire day writing! Woot!

So today, want to find a little piece of joy? Clean something. If you're like me, the joy will not come until after, but when it does,'s nice!! :0)

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