Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Simple Pleasures Like Taking a Break!

This is my last post until THURSDAY, August 27th!

It is time for me to think through and redefine some things in my writing/speaking career. This includes a possible website and new blog. We'll see. I need some time away from my blog to process, plan and put into action whatever God guides me to do.

Summer is such an important time for me and Noah, too. It is the time of year we play and swim and hang out without any pressure from school or school activities. I love getting up and looking at Noah and saying, "Should we swim?" or "Should we go bowling or a movie?" I love it that Noah has friends in our neighborhood and spends hours with them enjoying "little boyhood." Of course, he would never say it that way. :0)

But now is a time to enjoy the simple pleasures God has for me in my family. While I do that, I'll take time to ask God, "What next?" If you think of me, please pray that I would listen and heed His leadings.

And take some time yourself and enjoy the summer.