Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bragging Grandmas!

My friend Jan Parrish and I made a silly video celebrating the joy of being a grandma. This is of course, dedicated to my first sweet grandbaby who I think of EVERY day, Lucy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Detours of Rebellion

"You will show me the path of life!
In Your presence is fullness of joy,
At your right hand, pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11

On my journey to good health and weight loss, I have not been perfect. This is my 24th day without sugar, but that doesn't mean that I always make good choices with food. It is a journey, not a destination, so I remember God's grace and I keep trying, enjoying the little rewards along the way.

I was talking to my friend Lynne about my occasional bad choices and she said to me, "Robbie, they're just detours. You're going to get there, but you have to decide how many detours you want to take."

I started thinking about that and I wrote the following:

You've shown me the path,
     an inkling of beautiful adventures.
Joyful flowers mark the sides of the road.
     They stand with angels to cheer me on.

But yet...
     I see a detour.
It's marked with a sign that says "My Way."
     Weeds of control line its street.
They do exactly waht I say.

Why do I take the detours?
Temporary control.
Temporary numbness.

I get so tired of choosing Your way.
Choosing humility.
Walking in my brokenness.

But Your path leads to my goal.
Your path is wise
                      and healthy
                                and joyful.
My path is numbing
                      and shame-filled
                                and leads to death.

My path is a detour of rebellion.

God, protect me from myself today.
Keep me on your path.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Sugar!

I've seen women in abusive relationships,
Who simply won't walk away.
The comfort of what is "normal"
is easier that the pain of change.

I've scoffed at them and thought,
"Come on! Have some self respect.
Choose to run away and get out.
Choose to value who you are."

And yet...

I'm in an abusive relationship.
I've made so many excuses
to not completely walk away.
The comfort of what is "normal"
is easier than the pain of change.

So today I leave.
Today I value who I am.
He's beaten me up and contributed
to my morbid obese unhealthy self.

No more.

I've taken sugar and perverted it.
Made it an idol in my life.
Sugar isn't bad in itself.
I think God created chocolate
with a smile on His face.

But I've given it too much power,
I've allowed it to control my pain,
and celebrate my joy
and comfort my boredom.

No more.

I choose to get out of this relationship.
Someday, after sanity returns and I'm
at a healthy weight, maybe I'll allow
a tiny space for a dessert in moderation.

But for now, for a long while,
I say goodbye.
Good riddance. I'll miss you desperately at first.
With time and God's strength you'll become of little importance.

Goodbye my love who I allow to abuse me.

Goodbye Sugar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Join me in a SPACIOUS PLACE!

Do you have problems with food or weight? I am part of that club.

Before I was 23, I always thought I was fat, but in reality I wasn’t really big, just big boned. But after age 23, I began using food to comfort and to reward. The weight piled on. And on.

Of course, along the way I have dieted. I’ve done most of the biggies: Jennie Craig and Weight Watchers and Atkins, some of the little ones: bananas and water, Weigh Down and Overeaters Anonymous and of course the manic middle: fasting, only veggies, only protein, only starvation.

And you know what? They’ve all worked. I’ve lost TONS of weight. Problem is I gained it all back plus a little something extra. And the weight continued to pile on. And on.

Now I am 48, almost 49 and I am exhausted. I do not want to live in this cycle of defeat. My mind has been the following whirlpool of thoughts for years:

“I’m fat. I have to lose weight. I can’t lose weight. I am pathetic. But I have to lose weight. I know! I won’t eat badly today. I can do this. Oh man, why did I eat that? Well, since I already ate it, I am now going to eat a lot of it. I’ll start over on Monday. I’m fat. I have to lose weight…”

Does this sound familiar? Many of us deal with this. MANY of us.

This past summer, I was invited to a Bible Study that I thought was going to discuss faith. I walked in and discovered it was a book study. A book about putting food before God. Yikes! NO, I said. Nothing ever works.

But it did. Putting the principles of this book, Lysa Terkerust ‘s Made to Crave, into action, I have found freedom that I have never experienced before.

The Bible Study ended. But I haven’t. I need to continue and I need a group of friends who will walk with me.

SO, I am beginning a group called SPACIOUS PLACES in my home beginning SEPTEMBER 15th, THURSDAY, in my home in Centennial, Colorado from 9 to 11 in the morning. We will go for 9 weeks. And then we’ll see. Our first study will be to go through the book Made to Crave.

If you are interested in joining me, I would love to have you. I need help to walk this road because it is DIFFICULT. But God is so good and He wants to rescue us!

I have moved into a SPACIOUS PLACE where there is freedom and joy. I call it a spacious place based on

Psalm 18:19
 “He has brought me into a spacious place. He has rescued me because He delights in me.”

Join me in this spacious place! And if you can’t come, which I totally understand, then I encourage you to pick up this book. It will guide you to the freedom found in craving God, not extra food.

If you are interested in attending SPACIOUS PLACES each Thursday at my home, email me at robbieiobst at or call me at (720) 329-2317. If you want to join a group, if we have one at night, let me know.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How Do I Feed My Soul?

How do I feed my soul?
I reach for a coke.
I dig my spoon into a pint
       of HaagenDaaz chocolate.
My tummy rejoices.
My thighs expand.
And my soul lets out a hunger pang.

How do I feed my soul?
I walk the aisles of King Soopers.
I am a wolf, prowling for prey.
Which candy?
Which desserts?
Soul food isn't on aisle 4.

How do I feed my soul?
I stumble into Your presence.
I ask for something my taste buds can't experience.
Is it the Bible?
Is it Prayer?
They just don't feel as good as coconut cake.

How do I feed my soul?
I sit, like in a restaurant.
I ask for an order of satisfaction.
No waiter brings french fries.
Chips and salsa are not delivered.
Instead, You join me.

How do I feed my soul?
By experiencing the One who created my soul,
And chocolate,
And sugar.
I lean on Your strength.
I say "NO!" to the cravings.
I do this over and over and over and over and over.

And slowly, day by day, meal by meal,
I realize.

My soul is being fed.
By loving and being loved
By the One!
My God, and Jesus and Spirit,
The relentless pursuer of my heart,
The God who feeds my soul.