Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lunchbox Dreams are the Best!!

Want Joy? Dream!
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

When is the last time you sat by yourself and just dreamed? Or how about sitting with a close friend and dream aloud? No holds barred, no barriers or boundaries – you just let your mind and spirit go and race toward seeing your heart’s desire fulfilled.
It’s not an exercise for every day. Sloths dream and never work. But too many of us work and never dream. Really dream!
I was working at a Christian high school, sitting in a chapel service about ten or so years ago. Our principal, the great Chapin Marsh, talked to the students and teachers about POW – Possibilities, Opportunities and Why Not!!
The Lord who has chased me all my life with his unending love nudged me. I began to dream. Really dream.
Ten or so years later, I am living out what I dreamed that day. I am a writer and a speaker for Christ. It still amazes me. The dream came true through prayer and a lot of hard work. HOURS of sitting in a chair, staring at an empty screen and asking the Father to fill it up. He has. He continues to do so.
And the incredible fact of my life as I sit here pecking away at my laptop is the Lord who has chased me all my life with His unending love is not finished nudging me. I still dream! Really dream.
Of course, the road is full of obstacles and moments of “Why am I doing this?” and “I cannot write worth beans!” As you who have been faithful readers of my Joyvotions know, I have sunk to despair at times while eating gallons of ice cream.
But this Lord, this GREAT GOD of ours, just keeps loving me and nudging me to keep going. Keep dreaming.
God can do anything!! He fed 5000 folks with a kid’s lunchbox! He is the God of the impossible.
This week I was invited to do a book signing at a local tea place here in Denver. Details are on this blog on the July 17th post. It’s this Saturday and I am excited. I understand that I am not a famous writer. I haven’t even published a book all of my own. YET. :0) But the moments that I get to fulfill a tiny wish a high school teacher had years ago is JOY. Complete Joy!
I am so grateful to God for the moments I get to dream and the moments I get to live out my dream. I encourage you, faithful and wonderful reader of my scribbling, DREAM!! Take some time and just sit and say, “Okay God! You and me. Possibilities, Opportunities, Why Not? Lead me!”
He might just have a kid’s lunchbox in His hands with YOUR NAME on it! :0)

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