Friday, July 06, 2012

Way #5 to Find Joy - BE HONEST and remember HE IS WITH YOU!

I deal with depression from time to time and in the past I've taken anti-depressants and was glad to have them. I decided to do "July Joy" on my blog a few weeks ago. But since I've started this, guess what? I've been dealing with the blues. Ironic? Yes. A surprise to God. Nope. I'm sure it's part chemical and part attack from the enemy.

A great way for me to find joy when I am dealing with a sense of "blah" and sadness is to Be Honest and Remember that HE IS WITH ME. Even if I am not my happy-go-lucky self.

If you are in this boat of the blues, be honest about it. No reason to fake giddiness. Read Psalm 23. I know it's a psalm often used for funerals, but it contains the Word of Truth.

What does Psalm 23 say about me in a time of depression?

1) He gives me rest and beauty.
2) Even as I am trying to find a reason to get out of bed, HE RESTORES MY SOUL.
3) I don't know what to do. Just look to Him and He guides my life, my day, each moment.
4) Even when I walk through a dark time of my soul, be it grief or sadness or depression, I don't need
to fear for HE IS WITH ME! He's making me a meal and showing my enemies that HE is in control!!

Joy is not happiness or giddiness or delight. Joy is that assurance that GOD has me and you in His hands. He has our back. He has our hearts.

Today, be honest about how you feel and no matter what the answer is, meditate for a while on Psalm 23 and the truth that HE IS WITH YOU.


Ocieanna Fleiss said...

I love this, Robbie. Thanks for the reminder to meditate on Ps. 23. Such a comfort.

Robbie Iobst said...

You're welcome Ocieanna! Amazing how SUPERNATURAL the Word of God is. :0)