Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation: Route 66 Part 2

More pictures of our travails through Missouri, Kansas (where we stopped for lunch with our kin-folk :0) ,) Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico!

We saw a lot of the original road. John loved that.

Noah drove part of Route 66. In the middle of nowhere. :0)

We came to a fork in the road and John chose the road less travelled.
It was the right one!! :0)

This was my job. :0)

That famous song!! :0)

We stopped at three Route 66 museums a long the way and
also a gun museum and the Oklahoma National Memorial.

John and Noah drinking Route Beers. :0)

Noah acted as navigator/agrivator for part of the trip.

We stayed here, another Route 66 landmark. :0)

We stopped for lunch with family in Baxter Springs, Kansas. This is my Aunt Carol Jo
and my Uncle Henry. LOVE this folks!!

My cousin Bert Kellum and his wify Lori, with CJ and Henry,
Noah, me and John. We laughed and laughed at lunch. Great family!

It just occured to me that I didn't sing the SONG when we went
into Oklahoma!! What was I thinking? Bet you're thinking
that tune right now, aren't ya? :0)

The Cadillac Ranch is a famous 66 landmark and art display
just outside of Amarillo, Texas.

I've got more pictures but I'm going to call it a day there. Route 66 was wonderful
and surprising. We had a great time and recommend it highly!

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