Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation: Chicago Susy!!

25 years ago I met a four foot something girl who has the energy of ten and never lets even one person cry alone. Susy became a life-long friend for me. We were friends and then roommates. We’ve helped each other through some really difficult times and we’ve celebrated for each other during the great times.

Susy now lives in Chicago and I got to see her during our vacation. We had just finished our time in Washington DC so we were bushed. Susy understood and hosted us in her home where we just relaxed. Sitting with my old friend and visiting was fantastic. In Susy, I see more and more of Jesus. She’s been through a lot and instead of walking away from her relationship with God, she is closer to Him than ever. What a cool inspiration for me.

Susy is a big-wig in the Red Cross, out of Chicago. Her heart for serving others amazes me. Besides serving at the Red Cross, she teaches a class at Willow Creek for mentally disabled folks and she takes her vacation time to go on mission trips. I told her I want to be her when I grow up – unbelievable!

Then she said, “But I have to tell you that next year, I am not going on a mission trip.”

Me: “You’re not?” I immediately thought of all the things she could do instead – vacations, a trip to Denver, just relaxing. “What are you doing to do?”

Susy: (And this is an exact quote) “Next year I’m not going on a mission trip. I’m going to donate a kidney.”

I fell over laughing when I figured she wasn’t kidding. She was serious. She’s going to donate a kidney and then use her vacation time to recover.

This is Susy. This is my cherished friend.

Here are some pics of our time in Chicago:

25 Years of Friendship!

The Chicago Skyline - the Sears Tower is on the left.

Servant Susy left us out towels with a piece of candy on top.
Hotel de' la' Susy! :0)

Susy took us to Willow Creek Church on Father's Day.
They had a DADFEST! It was great and the sermon
Bill Hybels gave was the best Father's Day sermon John
had ever heard. :0) 

My Guys in Chicago

We had a wonderful time! What a gift to have a life-long friend. When we saw each other, after the hugging and some crying, it was as if we were never apart!

Susy is leading a group to El Salvador on a mission trip, leaving June 30th. Pray for my little friend with the giant heart! This is her and Momma Kitty!

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Cheryl Barker said...

She sounds A-MAZING! Love those 25-yr. friendships -- can't beat them!