Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacation - Days 10-13 - Delaware and Family!

I grew up in Van Horn, Texas, population 2950 back then. As a senior in high school I couldn't wait to leave, but as an adult I always enjoyed going back and visiting when my parents were alive. To go back to Van Horn meant vacation in the literal sense of the word. I would vacate any notion of working or stressing or anything, for that matter. Give me a book, a couch, a walk around the block, great conversation and dinner at Chuys and my vacation was complete.

The same sensation filled me up as we visited Clayton, Delaware, the small town John's mom JoJo and his aunt Nan live.

JoJo and Nan live in a beautiful home with their two dogs Baggins and Phoenix. Of course, greeting them meant lots of hugs and of course, Noah being attacked with licks by the dogs.

That's Phoenix giving him a kiss.

Nan, Phoenix, Baggins, Noah and John

Baggins: "Yes, right there, Noah!"

Of course, part of relaxing in Delaware included movies and eating out.

And of course, JoJo and Nan spoil Noah with a shopping trip.
They bought him a bike! We will pick it up in Denver. 

Nan worked too hard for us and made us several
delicious meals including an incredible seafood platter!

We had a wonderful, relaxing time. Perfect to rest us up
for our next stop - Washington D.C.

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