Thursday, September 18, 2008

When is it Time for Change?

Have you ever been walking along a path, happy with the scenery, humming to yourself and truly enjoying the moment? It’s nice, isn’t it?

But then, you happen upon a fork in the road. You’ve been here before. No surprise. You always go to the right. The trail is scenic with wild daisies and marigolds lining your way as if cheering you on in a parade. Rose bushes are only about a fourth of a mile down and at this time of year they promise fullness of joy peaking out and greeting you.

So you know if you go right, you will be glad. Comfortable. Easy.

But this day, the left path looks inviting.


Is it time for change?

When is it time for change?

Anyone got an opinion?

I’m truly curious.


Kay Day said...

I change usually only when it is forced upon me. I think.
I shall ponder this some more.

Loretta said...


See Robbie, I want to know does the fork in the road come back to the main road? That's just the way my mind works. You've started the story...and now I know what's on the right...but my curious nature wants to know what's on the left.

Life is made up of millions of moments and life is not defined by one moment. I believe even if you take the right fork in the road, you will eventually take the left...just out of curiosity.

Maybe there's a banquet on the left...If you can take the step, then you are ready.


John Iobst said...

When staying on the right path is a way of staying safe or controlling the outcome it is always tome to turn left because you don’t know where it goes. “Walk by Faith not by sight” Some changes are easy (Soup or Salad, Paper or Plastic) and some are not (Who to marry, Choosing a major, Stick with the corporate job of follower your dreams)

The wonderful thing about life and God’s grace is He will catch you even if you make the wrong decision so go left if for no other reason than to be caught by the Father.

Jan Parrish said...

I think if you are asking the question, then you probably already know the answer. Change is never easy. It is in fact, painful. but some change is necessary to achieve good results.