Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Garden of THE GOD!

I drove yesterday from Albuquerque to Denver with my wonderful sister Karen. Along the way we stopped in Santa Fe and ate brunch and walked around the plaza. Later in Colorado Springs I asked her if she wanted to make another stop.

"Do you want to see the Garden of the Gods?"

"I would love to. It's a bunch of statues, right?"

"Well, no. You'll see."

As we drove around the beautiful formations of red rock, Karen's reaction delighted me. She oohed and aahed and giggled. Like a child, she looked at everything in wonder and kept saying, "Rob, this is incredible." She made me stop the car every few minutes so she could take pictures.

Afterwards at dinner, she prayed, "God, thank you for showing me some of your incredible works today."

Wow. I envied her wonder and excitement. How blessed God must have been to hear Karen's praise as we drove around His art gallery.

It made me think of those first few moments when we get to heaven. Can you imagine all the oohing and aahing?

And yet, there is so much of His handiwork right here. Thank you Lord for your wonders. You are the Master Artist.


Jan Parrish said...

Karen is such a delight and it was wonderful to have her join us today. What an amazing family you have.

I still love to go to the Garden of the Gods. It's fantastic. I wonder if we should go there some time and write.

Loretta said...


I can't wait for Heaven! You're right, I'll be oohing and ahhing for quite a while. I have so many questions too!

Thank Karen for coming today, it was great to meet her.

tonya said...

Robbie, I still love going to the Garden of the Gods. :)
Actually, anytime I can go to the mountains, I do!

I am glad that you and your sister had fun!