Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing with the Stars!

You know if you look for it, you can see the glory of God, the joy of God’s creation and the exquisite complexity of God in most any art form. I see His humor and His inspiration when I watch Dancing with the Stars.

Last night, I saw the beauty of God in her.

She is wild, she is funny and she is 82 years old. She’s Cloris Leachman!

Christians, don't get all legalistic on me. I'm not saying she is a Christian or not. I have no idea. What I'm saying is that God the creator of all and the Master Dance Teacher made Cloris Leachman and gave her an incredible gift to entertain. When she exercises her gift from God, how can I not see Him? And last night, well she used her gift.

Last night on Dancing with the Stars this incredible woman did a mambo like no other. It was kind of a cross between Carmen Miranda swaying with a fruit basket on her head and Lucille Ball in the smashing grapes skit on “I Love Lucy.” I laughed out loud!

But she got the lowest score. Why? Well, she doesn’t have a body that can wiggle as fast as the mambo should go. Her osteoporosis doesn’t allow for a lot of hip shaking and chest shimmying.

You know what I say? So what! Ms. Leachman was by far the most entertaining of any of the 12 couples. (Jeffrey Ross got eliminated. I saw that one coming, poor guy.) Cloris knows how to connect with an audience and her sense of confidence and humor are absolutely delightful.

She is a true performer. Leachman has one 8 Emmys, 2 Golden Globes and 1 Oscar. She knows what makes an audience pay attention. I went to see the movie “The Women” with my sister a couple of weeks ago. It was okay. But she stood out as a housekeeper with a background supporting role. Every scene she was in, she stole.

So why not let her steal the show again and again this season on “Dancing with the Stars?” I say keep this unbelievable role model for women and let the youngest kid go. Of course he has all those Hannah Montana fans and they know how to text votes. And fast!

I voted for Cloris Leachman and my fingers were tired from hitting redial after only 3 times. But hey, Cloris, I tried.

We’ll find out the results tomorrow. I hope she gets to stay another week. Her charisma lights up the dance floor and the show.

I am 46 as of a couple weeks ago. Watching her gives me hope that age is not the ultimate dictator of what a person can or can’t do. In the pre-dance interview Cloris’s professional partner Corky (not the guy from “Waiting for Guffman” :0)) told her the Mambo originated in Cuba in the 40’s.

Cloris’s response, “So I am older than this dance?”

Maybe in years, Cloris. But in attitude, your mambo moves are all young. And fabulous! Go Cloris!

And thanks God.


D. Gudger said...

I don't care what anyone thinks... any woman who can mamba at 82 deserves to win!

In my family, my grandmothers at 82 had given up on life and were senile and in diapers.

What an inspiration!

BTW - I now know your URL and will link it on my blog (I'm trying to capture all the WFTJ bloggers to create a blogroll)

You make me laugh, and when writing makes me laugh, it's a winner!

You rock my tired elastic socks off!

Momstheword said...

Hi Robbie. I don't usually watch DWTS on a regular basis, but did watch the one last night (at my lovely daughter's house) and I too was impressed with her. I thought it was delightful that their routine included some clowning and some physical comedy. I think she did that because she knows she can't compare with the young woman and is just going to have as much fun as she can. BTW, was really glad to meet you in person. Hope you're feeling better.

Jan Parrish said...

I hope they keep her a long time because she is an inspiration. I'm sorry I missed this one. :)