Friday, September 05, 2008

Stand Up to Cancer!

I am not a telethon watcher. Back in the day, I used to resent Jerry and the gang taking up all the TV stations on Labor Day weekend. PBS has good telethons, but I lose interest after about 10 minutes.

Compassionate? Guess not?

Or maybe I am. I was moved to tears last night watching Stand Up To Cancer, the one hour long telethon hosted by all three major networks. I called. I gave.

My mother died of lung cancer. My sister is a breast cancer survivor. I have known many people who have fought and died in the cancer war.

I am not a telethon watcher. But I found myself praying to our Father in heaven to use that hour long TV show to give cancer research a boost. Wouldn’t it be a day of victory, like none other, if doctors and scientists announced they’d found a cure?

A lovely thought. A worthwhile prayer. A well spent donation.

I miss my mom. She never met John or saw Noah. Before she died, she knew I wrote a lot for fun and contemplation, but that’s all. She has never read anything I have written since beginning my journey of serious writing.

Cancer took her. I don’t want it to take someone else I love. The thought brings tears and prayers. It even brought me to get my wallet.

Want to donate? Go to

Scientists say we are closer than you might think to a cure. Wow. That will be a good day.


Jan Parrish said...

I'm standing. I've fought this battle with many of those I love. We've lost two. Two too many. I pray the cure is found soon. I'm just going to have to give you a hug the next time I see you.

Ruthie said...

Cancer is a terrible disease. Thanks for the post.
Thanks also for praying for Jacob. He is doing well since his surgery. So we praise God for His watch care over Jacob.

Julie said...

That show fell on the 8th year since my cousin Gail died from cancer. I almost couldn't stand it all in one day. I pray that a cure is found on my lifetime, but only God knows.