Friday, September 26, 2008

Decades of my Gap, Glory and All!

I saw this on Kay's blog and just had to have a laugh at myself, too. You can yearbook yourself at

This is me in 1952.

This is me in 1954. I am a dead ringer for a picture I've seen of my aunt Carol Jo.

In 1960 I was quite a looker.

In 1966 I was actually four years old.

This is 1980 - I actually had this hairstyle sometime in the 80s.

And finally, this is 1996, the year I was married. How could John resist?


Megan DiMaria said...

Well, aren't you adorable. I don't have the nerve to do this. lol

A prisoner of hope,

Jan Parrish said...

You are such a crack up. I love this!

Momstheword said...

Hey, Robbie. I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but there is a lovely professional picture of your on your profile. I do adore your special one, though. :)

Kay Day said...

you are a goof. That's all.

Cheryl Barker said...

Robbie, this is hilarious :) I especially loved the line "How could John resist?" :)

Julie said...

Very VERY interesting. And fun!

cj marley said...

Your aunt Carol Jo has no comment, perhaps for the first time in her life. :O)

tonya said...

Robbie, you are hilarious!! Absolutely hilarious!