Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Random Simple Hopes

I hope.

I hope in God.

I hope in God's love and mercy and guidance.

I hope.

I hope that my son grows up to be a man who loves Jesus and loves his family.

I hope that he finds his dream job and has a reason to laugh every day.

I hope.

I hope that my husband will be fully healed, fully recover from his brain injury.

I hope that he will walk out the door to work one day with a "I can't wait to go back smile."

I hope.

I hope that someday I will have a book published.

I hope that book does somebody, somewhere, some good.

I hope.

I hope that people who haven't tried living for, around and in Jesus' love will give Him a whirl...and have a ball spinning.

I hope.

I hope that Scooby lives to be old. And I hope he learns to poop outside every time he feels sick.

I hope that this season of "Lost" gives me more than one "AHA" moment and less than twenty "WHAT?" moments.

I hope that I can conquer my selfishness before it conquers me.

I hope that Ted Haggard goes slowly. Time is the best test of any change.

I hope that I get to New York City someday and I hope that I learn to ballroom dance and I hope that I helped someone this past week besides my family.

I hope that my blog points people to Jesus and His joy and not just my rambling.

I hope that the Dallas Cowboys make it all the way next year.

I hope.


dianne in colorado said...

I hope my kids learn to put clothes in the hamper, not on the floor in front of it.

I hope my husband learns that the kitchen counter is not the dishwasher. Dishes don't actually get clean until they make it from the counter into the dishwasher.

I hope God blesses the person who discovered Chai tea and gave it to the good people at Starbucks because it, along with God's grace, is the only thing getting me through this crazy day!

Love your post! Here's to hoping right along side you!

Robbie Iobst said...

Dianne, I love your list! And I so relate to the husband hope. :0)