Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Gotta Laugh!

Back in the Saddle Again! We went to Walmart and John rode an "old man scooter" (his words) and drove it as fast as that puppy could go. I wasn't amused, but he laughed!

Laughter is vital during this time of recovery from his motorcycle accident.

I am SO blessed to be married to my best friend. Before we were married, many people told me that I could make anyone laugh. And though they were right, I did not have someone in my life who made me laugh consistently. Then I met John. No one makes me laugh like my husband. That is a gift from God in the good times of our lives. And it is a life-giving force in a time as this.

Here are the TOP TEN things (there are many more) that have made us laugh the last couple of weeks:

10) My brother Phil told John "Go to your window, open it and shout "I'm sore as #*#% and I'm not taking it anymore!" I didn't even giggle at this, but John howled.

9) After his blood thinning level was way too high and so we had to be careful that he didn't cut himself or bruise: John: "Can I have some more water?" Me: "John, can you get it yourself?" John: "But I'm a bleeder."

8) Michal Smith came to hospital with hubby and 2 kids. They crowded around John's bed and she said, "I've been reading Robbie's updates, and I read where you aren't always sure of who people are when they visit," and then she passed out nametags for her family.

7) Right before John took his first shower by himself, I heard him yell from the bathroom, "I'm naked and I dance!" (This is a line from a play we saw a few years ago.)

6) Me: "John, Tuesday night at my writing group, we have a speaker who is going to talk about writing through adversity. I want to go." John: "So now I'm adversity?"

5)2 sets of guys - Aaron and Tony and then Mark and Phil visited my husband and almost injured him through making him laugh. I wasn't there for Mark and Phil, but chose to leave during Aaron and Tony's visit. It got a little racy making my husband laugh through pain even more.

4) I tell John about Noah's birthday party. He says,"So, I am in the hospital for 26 days and Noah's birthday party is planned for DURING the Super Bowl...coincidence? I think not."

3) Our niece Grace emails, "Uncle John I hope you got home in one piece, minus a few memories."

2) Me: "Noah, I have to give Daddy a shot now." Noah: "Am I going to hear a lot of screaming?"

1) Me: "I'm so SHNAPPY because YOU are so SHNAPPY!!!"
John: (sheepishly) "But I have a brain injury."

You Gotta Laugh!


D. Gudger said...

That pic is funny. Now to up the humor, get Noah to take the pic and you grab an old man cart and race John up and down the sports equipment aisle at Wal-Mart...

tonya said...

Being able to laugh through our times of sorrow is a testimony of the Love of God in your hearts. Praising God with you!