Thursday, January 22, 2009

He is home!

This morning John was ready to go home!

But he had to go through a procedure to take out blood clot filter and then several discussions about after hospital care, including outpatient therapy and daily blood draws.

Finally, after 26 days of hospital, John went home! Here he is outside of our condo, getting out of the car.

Reunion with Noah who was ecstatic to have Dad home!

Reunion with Scooby who actually howled when he saw John.

I learned how to give John shots of a medicine for blood thinning, if his numbers aren't quite up to par. I also learned how to dress the wound on his calf. It used to be as big as a grapefruit, but now it is like a large naval orange. It is hard to see the size of it in this picture, but come over and give him $5 and he will show you!

Wound Care!

Nurse Ratchet!

He starts outpatient therapy on Monday at Skyridge and blood draws tomorrow. It has been a long road, but we are persevering with the help of a loving God and good friends! Thank you Jesus that my man is home and doing well.


Kay Day said...

Hip Hip Hooray!
Zippedy doo da and Hallelujah!

Megan DiMaria said...


Sharen Watson said...

I'm thrilled beyond words... Yes, ME... Beyond words. Rejoicing with y'all and praising God! Hallelujah-Yahoo!!!!! And John, WELCOME HOME!!!!

dianne in colorado said...

YAAAAAAAYYYYYY! I know it is such a relief for all of you to have him home. Praise God!

Jan Parrish said...

Wow. What a long, hard road it has been too. We've been praying and are so glad he's home now.

I've only been sick for a week and I'm going stir crazy!

Keep blogging so we know how he's doing and give him a big hug.

Love you,

Momstheword said...

Kay stole my words right out of my mouth! Ditto.

tonya said...

Praise The Lord!! I rejoice with you, Robbie.

Danica/Dream said...


And hey I gave you an award on my blog!

Loretta said...

I can hear the Alleluia chorus right now!!!!

Congrats John! Congrats Robbie!