Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Ten Year Old Angel

Noah turned 10 this week. The enormity of depth and rich blessings I possess ONLY because I am his mom amazes me when I think about it. So in honor of Noah:

Top Ten Reasons I adore my son:

10) He has the most contagious laugh - it's my favorite sound in the world.

9) The way he is all boy, including a horrible aversion to using tissue when his shirt is available.

8) Watching Scooby my Puggle and Noah play is to watch two souls entertwined in silliness.

7) The way he looks at his dad as if John was the king of the world. To Noah right now, he is.

6) His brain - he is able to do Math that I absolutely have no idea how to solve.

5) The way he sees God - The Creator, the Savior, the One in charge. 'nuff said.

4) Noah's tears come when he is deeply moved. So when I spy them, I know the moment is precious.

3) He loves to be teased and tickled. So I oblige! :0)

2) God has used this little boy to teach me God's love for me. Over and over.

And the number one reason why I adore my son:

1) He is my GIFT from God to be cherished and honored all the days of my life.


dianne in colorado said...

I love this, Robbie! Noah is a precious boy who is so blessed to have you for a mom. Happy birthday to you too - our kids' birthdays aren't just for them, they are for us moms too!

Cheryl Barker said...

Robbie, I love your top 10 idea! Every kid deserves one of these!