Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Waltz of Oral Surgery

Today a young Doogie Howser, oral surgeon, removed two of my teeth. He instructed me to take a Valium last night and one an hour before the appointment. I obeyed and felt extremely relaxed when I sat in the chair. My sweet husband loaned me his IPOD and I filled my ears with wonderful Christian contemporary music. At points I also went over scriptures in my mind, reciting passages I have memorized.

It was not a very painful ordeal. But here's the dealio that I love about today. Jesus went with me and asked me to dance. Yep, that's right. During oral surgery I danced with the King of Kings.

The book that I am attempting to get published is tentatively titled "Life with My Dance Teacher." The premis is that my life has been guided by God who has held me and directed me through phases of joy, grief, loneliness, despair and absolute real pain. Using the metaphor of dance, I tell stories of how Christ has taken my hand and taught me the steps to living with Him. He and I dance on a floor of grace daily.

Why not take faith that a supernatural God exists and lives in and around me and add my God given imagination and see life as this wonderful dance with the King? I do. I have for years.

So, there I was today, sitting in a chair that looks like it could be used in a torture exercise, surrounded by two kids in masks, each holding weapons, no surgery tools that will be used to HELP me. It was a situation that could easily invite fear to come in and reign. But I have practiced my faith. Faith takes practice, you know. I have practiced it and sat there, closed my eyes, turned on the IPOD and focused on the lover of my soul. Valium, of course, helped! But when Christ asked me to dance I said YES. I left the chair, (in my mind, of course, people) and I took his hand and we waltzed around the office. When I look to Him, fear leaves. Perfect love, JESUS, casts out fear. So we danced during oral surgery and it was a hoot.

I encourage you, wherever you are, take a chance. Say yes to the dance of a lifetime. You will find yourself dancing during joyous moments where all is well with your world. It is marvelous. And you will find yourself dancing during pain, when all you hear is the pounding of a pick and the deafening vibrations of a drill.

Jesus is Real. He is a great dancer!


Jan Parrish said...

Robbie -
I'm so glad it went well. We were praying for you! And for a quick and speedy recovery. :)
Love you!

Kay said...

I can't WAIT to read your book!

Julie said...

Glad it went well for you. I hate the Dentist! I need to go, but I hate it. I don't like those looong needles they use for shots. eight inch needles shouldn't even exist! let alone go in my mouth! I get the silly gas, that helps me. Pills would be good too. :)

Megan DiMaria said...

I'm glad that ordeal is over for you, Robbie. Mend well, mend soon.

A prisoner of hope,

PS: My second book (Out of Her Hands, 10/08) has a similar plot point. The grandma tells the girl to dance on through life. LOL.