Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Annual Oscar Prediction Blog!!

It’s that time of year again – it’s Oscar time! And I am so honored to say that someone ACTUALLY ASKED if I was going to write my annual blog about the nominated movies. Hey you ask, I’m typing!

So here is the opinion of a middle-aged woman who has watched every Academy Award show since she was 12. That means I’ve seen 35 of them. Yikes…

This year 10 movies were nominated. Why? They say because it was such an outstanding year. Baloney. I don’t agree with that. Tradition says the top 5 should be nominated. It kind of smells like an elementary school where every child gets an award so no one will get their self image hurt. Oh come on, Oscars!!

I have seen 6 of the 10. So I can’t comment on District 9, A Serious Man, An Education or Inglorious Bastards.

But as for the others:

Avatar – Too loud for me. I am aging, aren’t I? I went with John and Noah. Noah enjoyed it and John loved all the special effects. I know some people say that James Cameron is an artist (he sure does make money off his art) but his art is too much tech and too little story for my likes. I did not enjoy the blue people and much of the plot was contrived. But since it is new and improved technology, it is an interesting experience if you have senses that can take it.

The Hurt Locker – John and I got this from Net Flix and watched it in the comfort of our living room. I enjoyed this because I got to leave the room as much as I wanted during the movie. John REALLY liked this movie about a group of military men who take care of the undetonated bombs in Iraq. It was interesting to me. I didn’t know this was a the military. But it didn’t strike me as a great movie. Not to be sexist, but this is a guy movie. And it was directed by a woman!! I find that refreshing and amazing. I’d like to see her win best director!

Up in the Air – I don’t want to spoil this movie for you, but there is a big twist in it that took me for a loop. I didn’t necessarily enjoy the twist either. The writing in this movie is what I really enjoyed. Fantastic dialogue. The plot – a man who jets around the country firing people for corporations begins to question whether he wants the kind of life he has or a more settled one with a particular woman – struck a relevant chord because of our economy. But it didn’t make me feel good. It didn’t make me feel much of anything. So I say skip it. But rent it if you like George Clooney. Who was great, by the way.

Blindside – I didn’t see this movie until it had been in the theatres for a while so I knew going in that it was going to inspire me and move me. Maybe my expectations were too high. I found it charming but not best picture material. At all. Sandra Bullock delivered a feisty character with a true accent. But Best Actress? To me that is another reason this wasn’t a banner year for the movies. Meryl Streep in Julia and Julia – so much better!!! I hope she wins, but the odds on favorite is Sandra. Take your family to see this and you will have a great time. Just don’t expect a classic in the making. It’s not.

Up – John and Noah and I saw this together in the theatre and when I sat down I prepared myself for a sweet movie, but a kid’s movie. If my mind wandered to a grocery list or an idea for a story, no big deal. But then…I was captivated. The first fifteen minutes left me bawling. I’m telling you, crying out loud. Noah jabbing me and John looking at me to see if I needed to leave weeping. And then it just got better and better. I love Up. Love it! It won’t win, it is still an animated film, but this movie my 2nd favorite!

Precious – Wow. THIS is an academy award winning movie. The story is SO powerful and SO redemptive. But it is difficult to watch. The main character is an obese teenager who is about to have her second child by her father. Yikes. Tough material. But as I watched it, I cared about her. I cared about her future. When I left the theatre I started pondering deep issues in our society and my own existence. THIS is an academy award winning movie. Monique WILL WIN supporting actress honors for her portrayal as Precious’s mother. She was terrific. I saw an interview with her and she said that after the premiere, the great Sidney Poitier told her, “I did not see one insecure moment in your performance.” Exactly. She’ll win. I want this movie to win, but for some reason that I cannot comprehend, the blue people flick and all its tricks is favored to win.

So of the six I saw here is how I would rate them:

1) Precious   2)Up   3)The Hurt Locker   4)Blindside   5) Up in the Air   6) Avatar

In conclusion, here are my predictions:

Best Supporting Actor:   Who I want to win:     Stanley Tucci from Lovely Bones    
Who will win:  Inglorious Bastards guy

Best Supporting Actress:     Who I want to win and who will win:  Monique from Precious                  

Best Actor:  Who I want to win:  Colin Firth    Who will win:     Jeff Bridges

Best Actress:  Who I want to win:  Meryl Streep    Who will win:  Sandra Bullock

Best Director   Who I want to win:  The gal who directed Hurt Locker   
Who will win:  James Cameron – Avatar

Best Movie: Who I want to win and who should win:   PRECIOUS     
Who will win:  The blue people

So what do you think? Agree? Not? I’d love to know!


Hillary Manton Lodge said...

Well, rest assured the Blue People, in all likelihood will not win best pic. Being a bit obsessive about such things, I've been following its progress - it's only picked up a couple guild awards, but nothing like Hurt Locker. Unless there's some kind of huge HL (hey! The movie has my initials!) backlash regarding a stupid move by the producer. Also, HL is an actor's movie; actors make so much of the voting base that it gives HL an edge. But who knows. Blue people could pull out. They do have the poisoned darts, you know.

Re: the Up in the Air twist - yeah. I knew there was a twist, but it's not one that makes you feel good. Anna Kendrick was so cute those, with her purposeful typing :-)

tonya said...

I can't wait to see Precious. I have heard so many good things about it, even if it is hard to watch due to the nature of the movie.
I loved Up. But I love Pixar, they do such a great job.
Avitar- was amazing in the artistic aspects, but the storyline was way to politically motivated for my tastes.
I think that is all I have seen. But I do want to see Up in the Air.
I will have to come back on Monday and see how you did. :)

Robbie Iobst said...

Hillary, I so hope you are right about the blue people. :0) And I love, love, love that you are a fellow aficionado of the Oscars! I used to have parties every year, but not in the past few years. Do you have a party or a quiet night?

Robbie Iobst said...

Tonya, if you go see Precious and you know ahead of time, I would LOVE to go with you and talk about it after! I'd love to hear your perspective.

Jan Parrish said...

I haven't seen many movies at all this year, but I'd love to see Precious. I don't think it's still in theaters,is it?

These awards are too PC for me. I glance at them every now and then.

Desha said...

Regarding your awesome predics...I'm betting you're right with everything but the blue people winning best picture. The way they do the scoring for Best Picture is different this year and a lot less arbitrary. My guess for BP is either Inglourious Basterds or Hurt Locker. I do think Kathryn Bigelow has a fantastic chance of being the first woman to win Best Director, though. 'Bout time. Besides I can't stand James Cameron.

Robbie Iobst said...

Desha, I am not a James Cameron fan either. :0) Miss you friend!!