Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week - A Time to Visit a Landromat!

"The grace of Easter is a great silence, an immense tranquility and a clean taste in your soul."
Thomas Merton, April 9, 1950

Sunday morning I was handed a palm leaf as I went into our church's sanctuary. Within minutes, the children's choir was belting out songs of joy while confetti fell from the ceiling. Children marched up and down the aisles waving their palm leaves. A celebration to commemorate that day when Jesus rode on a colt into Jerusalem. The people laid down leaves and cheered as he entered. A rite reserved for visiting kings.

Holy Week is here. As I've grown in my walk with the Lord, this week has come to mean more and
more to me.

It is a time to remember the last week of Jesus's life.

It is a time to be grateful for new beginnings and new grace.

It is a time to stand in awe at His sacrifice on
the cross and a time to lift hands in praise at the resurrected Savior.

And it is a time to go to the laundromat. :0)
I came across the above quote by Thomas Merton this morning and I savored the final words -  "a clean taste in your soul." I love that! Christ is ready TODAY to refresh and renew our souls. Clean, like the smell of a new cotton sheet and warm, like a towel from the dryer.Our souls get so dirty so easily, don't they?
How can they not when we each are sinners living in a wretched world? But the great Dry Cleaner of Souls can wash us in His love and His hope. 

This week, this Holy week, give yourself a trip to God's great laundromat and allow Him give your soul a clean taste. The taste of hope and joy.

The taste of the Resurrection! 


Evangeline Denmark said...

Lovely post, Robbie. I had to laugh Sunday morning as we left church, my 5-year-old clutching his hand-crafted palm branch. I asked him, "What did the people do with the palm branches?" He waved his branch up and down. Then I asked, "And what did they say." He answered, "Hosea! Hosea!"

Robbie Iobst said...

Evangeline, I love it! Hosea Hosanna, God knows! You are so fun!

Cheryl Barker said...

"Washed in His love and His hope" -- love that, Robbie!

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Cheryl! Happy Easter! :0)