Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you Fargo, North Dakota!

We need each other. We do.

As I watched the news this week, showing the folks of Fargo, North Dakota coming together to save their town, I couldn't help but be moved. Our world is so full of hate and ridiculous violence. Some poor idiot shot 8 people at a nursing home yesterday. Are you kidding me? TV is filled with reports on the ugly side of people. We all have that side. That dark part that lurks within because each of us is a sinner. Period. And I, like so many, are sometimes fascinated by folks who allow that dark part to grow and take over, leading to acts that are ruthless and evil.

But seeing people come together in community, in volunteerism, in hope and friendship, this is a story better than all the selacious material spread out for our 10 p.m viewing. Watching selflessness is precious. Makes me want to be more selfless.

Reminds me that for every 1 numbskull who picks up a weapon intending to use it on innocent people, there are 100,000 of us who want to be a good neighbor, a good friend, a helpful person.

This is the truth. We need each other. We do.

Thank you Fargoians! I pray the river will recede quickly. I pray that your example of generosity will flood us all!


Need More Words said...

Thanks for the reminder that goodness out numbers the darkness.

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Diane. I like the way you stated it. Makes me think of that verse that says Overcome evil with good out of Romans 12.

denise said...

Mark and I don't know our neighbors well. Nice people, but we just simply live our lives and don't communicate much. I'll bet the people of Fargo really know their neighbors now! Nothing like a crisis to pull people together and take down barriers we all put up to keep ourselves safe. Thanks for sharing this, Robbie.