Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choices for Adventure - Lesson #4 from the Summit!

God gave me a brain! Last weekend I learned many, many little tips about beginning a speaking business. It is going to take work to advance to the next step in my writing/speaking career. But I am ready. God has made this SO EVIDENT to me and confirmed it through several people and events.

It’s time.

So as an entrepreneur and a business woman, I must make choices that are smart.

Here is a list of some of the choices God has talked to me about. Some are much more difficult that others. Makes it an adventure.

Choose to always put time with God first. He is the well that gives me the living water. Without Him I am a dry writer and speaker. I must choose Him first.

Choose to put John and Noah before speaking. I am a wife and mom before I am a writer/speaker. ‘Nuf said.

Choose to exercise and eat right. God is calling me to an adventure that will take endurance and physical strength. I need to be ready.

Choose to write every day for two hours – weekends are optional. Writing is key to what He wants me to do – it’s time!

Choose to blog and twitter everyday but the weekends. Choose to read blogs and get on my facebook account every day. If I want to relevant I must embrace technology. This is a fact. I must choose to look at new technology as a quest to conquer, not an enemy to run from.

Choose to develop products and resources. This means I need to be listening to God and asking Him daily, “What do YOU want me to speak about God?” I then develop those talks. I also need to use savvy and come up with resources that will benefit my audience. A CD of the presentation, booklets, books, etc. The valuable products that speakers offer at their back table. Yes, I will earn money. But I also want to offer my audience something that they can take with them that may help them in their ongoing walk with Jesus.

Choose to have a great time! There is a moment in the Matthew DVDs that speaks to my soul. Jesus, (or Bruce Marchiano, the actor playing Jesus) is calling the disciples to follow him. He turns and motions to them to follow him. And he smiles. It is a wonderful smile that is pure joy mixed with a bit of mischievousness. It is a face that says, “Come on! You have no idea what you are in for!”

So I am on the ride! Let’s go God. Where to next?

What about you? You know Christ is calling you to an adventure, too. He wants each of us to live an abundant life of challenge and risk and joy.

It starts with choices. Smart ones.

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Marla said...

Way to go, Robbie! Where God guides, He provides. Looks like He has already been providing answers for you - and 18 speaking gigs? Yea!!!