Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guess who's Giggling?

When's the last time you giggled in joy or delight?

This morning my son Noah woke up with an outstanding case of bed-head. After I called to him to wake up and get up, he bounded out of his bed and into the living room where he promptly fell to the floor beside Scooby. Our puggle's tail wagged furiously as they greeted each other and began wrestling and romping. A morning ritual for my two boys.

I giggled in delight to watch the pair.

I often giggle when I finish writing something I like. Just a little laugh, but the delight of accomplishing something that I truly enjoy can't help but leak out of me in joy.

This morning my husband said something to me that makes me giggle even as I write this.

I drove him to work (he is still on pain meds) and as he was getting out of the car we exchanged some goodbyes.

"Two things." He said, "One, I love you! And two, I really make this hose look good don't I?"

The hose he's referring to is his wound vac hose. I am going to post pictures tomorrow.

"Yes," I replied laughing, "You know how to work it John."

He was out the door and about to close it when he leaned in. "One more thing. Jesus giggles everytime He sees you, Robbie."

With that he left. Tears colored my eyes.

Yes He does. I know the theology is shaky cause Jesus sees us all the time, but put that aside and embrace the concept. Jesus giggles in delight at us. He loves us. He cherishes us. When He watches us, he can't help but giggle.

That's love.

Makes me giggle even more.

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Robbie You are fabulous!