Friday, October 26, 2012

Nothing is More Beautiful than...

Nothing is more beautiful than an old woman dancing

With face upturned to her God.

Years of turmoil and joy blossom into elegant and crooked fingers reaching

For the sky,

For her home, sooner than later.

Her sway is gentle. Old bones and joints need not speed with the

Rhythm to communicate joy. Her body has walked and ran and crawled and inched

And stooped and stretched many a time. The ease of her pace is gentle and well earned.

Nothing is more beautiful than an old woman dancing

With eyes closed and hands raised.

Her white hair a crown, worthy of respect from all. Her smile, the diamond that

Lights up her countenance. That light is a reflection of the Christ who has lived in her heart

For years. He has loved her through battles, disappointments, fears and moments of sacred bliss.

She dances in gratitude, every wrinkle a story.

When she claps her hands to the beat of the song, I want to leave my seat and go to her.

I yearn to thank her for the portrait she’s painted for me.

A masterpiece of hope.

Maybe someday I will be an old woman dancing.

1 comment:

Cheryl Barker said...

Beautiful thoughts and images painted, Robbie! I want to be an old woman dancing someday, too. And darn it all, I'll get there before you do! :)