Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Joy of Silliness!

The Setting: My Toyota Camry

The Players:
Me the mom
Noah the boy
Noah, speaking for Scooby the dog

The Scene:
We are on the way back to school from Noah's 10 year old checkup with the doctor

Me: Noah I am so thankful you are healthy! Yay God!

Noah: Yep.

Me: You got a sticker from the basket in there?

Noah: Yep.

Me: I didn't know you still liked stickers.

Noah: This one is for Scooby - it's a picture of a cute girl dog.

Me: Oh Really?

Noah talking as Scooby: Hey I like you dog. You are cute and cuddly. I am interested!

Me laughing.

Noah talking as Scooby: So, what kind of meat do you like?

I continue to laugh.

Noah as Scooby: Chicken? Beef? We could get together at the park and I could fetch balls for you.

Me: Um, Scooby, you don't like to fetch balls.

Noah as Scooby: For her I would.

I see a teaching moment and I jump on it.

Me: Scooby (but I'm really talking to Noah) don't ever try to be someone you aren't for a girl. Just be yourself. Don't change for anyone.

Noah as Scooby: So you want me to keep pooping on the carpet?

So much for teachable moments. But I love the silly ones! :0)


Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful moment. He's only young once. I'm glad to see you are cherishing each moment. When he's 23, you'll look back on this post with tears.

Momstheword said...

Or he may look back on it with a red face! Great times!

Joanna said...

That's funny - Noah is very quick-witted.

tonya said...

Jonathan still has a few silly moments, but not many left. Cherish them, they don't last forever. :)

I just love reading your blog, Robbie. I always smile. :)

Jean said...

Congratulations, Robbie, for winning the contest on Cheryl's blog! Enojoy.

Jean Hall

dianne in colorado said...

Love it! Leave it to a kid to know how to make anything funny!

Rebeca said...

Very cute! Dogs can be the best catalyst for good times!