Sunday, May 17, 2009

Off to 24 hours with Jesus in the Woods!

It is so important to hang out with Jesus. It is so wonderful to just be in His presence with no other distractions.

So I am off. In a few minutes, I am out the door and in my car headed for a cabin in the woods. I go to a place called Benet Pines Retreat Center. It's in the middle of tall pines and it's run by the sweetest nuns you've ever met.

I'll get there this morning and spend 24 hours with no phone, internet or TV. Just me and my precious Lord. If you've never done this, you should try it. Nothing, nothing, nothing replaces time alone with God. Takes practice to enjoy Him and hear Him. First time I did this I spent a couple of hours walking around and praying and reading my Bible and then I was like, "Okay. Done. What now?"

But after a few of these excursions, some good books on how to sit at the Father's feet and great advice from my brother Phil, I know each time I go will be different and wonderful and fulfilling. Especially since I don't go with expectations. I don't make an agenda that says I have to pray this long or read the Word this long. I just go and rest in His arms. The time goes by sweetly.

So pray for me that I will hear the Lord. I have questions for Him and I have a deep need to sit on His lap and feel His love engulf me.

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