Monday, May 18, 2009

A Big Question

I am back from my time alone with Jesus at a cabin in the Piney woods. Such a gorgeous day yesterday and it seemed as if there were no people around for miles. Lovely day with my Lord. I am so blessed.

During our time together, I asked God what He wanted me to do with my writing.

Let me back up and tell you that although I have enjoyed some publishing success that I am very grateful for, the two times I've tried to get a book published I was only met with rejection. Over and over. It is discouraging and it makes me wonder if I am doing what I am supposed to do.

Every writer will tell you that they face this same dilemna. Is this worth it? Should I go get a job and earn extra money for great vacations or a bigger home?

So I took my sincere question to God.

But He didn't answer at first. All I heard was Him asking me another question.

A big one.

"Robbie, would you still write if you knew that you would never have a book published?"

Yikes. Immediately I countered with "Does that mean I'll never get a book published, God?"

Again a soft whisper in my heart. "Robbie, would you still write if you knew that you would never have a book published?"

I answered quickly. "Of course. I have to write."

And the Spirit of God overwhelmed me with "Then write. Wait on Me for accomplishment. Get busy on serving Me with your words."

So there it is. I still hope to have a book published. It's my dream. But I don't have any control over whether an editor and a publisher like my work. What I can do is discipline myself to work on my craft, write every day and leave the rest to Jesus.

Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do in word or in deed, do it with all your heart as to the Lord and not for publication." Wait. Sorry. The last part is supposed to say "not for men."

But you get my drift.


denise said...

I told you and the WFTJ folks a couple Tuesdays ago that I had recently had a crisis of faith concerning whether I should be writing my blog and trying other writing endeavors. I seriously doubted that God had called me to this.

Then a friend said, "Well Denise, a writer writes." then she asked, "How do you feel when you don't write?"

The answer is I feel the lights go out. I MUST write.

Good post Robbie.

Rebeca said...

Great reminder. Thanks, Robbie!

smithsk said...

Great post, Robbie! Your words are so encouraging and ministered to me today.

Jan Parrish said...

Great post. I sense that God is preparing your heart for much bigger things.