Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Father's Gift to His Girl

A while back I left teaching after nineteen years in the classroom. An artist friend, the late great Rick Faust, drew my caricature (notice my gap between my front teeth :0)), including the tears I often shed, on a going away card. (At the bottom of the card it says "To the teacher whose tears are as big as Texas.")

Yep, I cry. I was thinking about my penchant for spillage the other day and I remembered my Pop, Walker Floyd, crying. He teared up at the end of certain movies. Said he had a sentimental heart. I’m married to a man like him in that way. John cries at almost anything moving and patriotic. I cry at anything that has soft moving music in the background. Um...yes. I'm glad elevator rides are brief. :0)

But the moment I remembered was not of my dad crying at the end of a movie. In fact, we were in church. Daddy didn’t go to church often, but we were visiting my older brother Perry and he was preaching so Dad went. I noticed him crying during the service and assumed he felt guilty about something or another.

Afterward I asked him, “Daddy why were you crying in church?”

His reply: “Well, Rob, when you are in the presence of the Spirit, what else can you do?”

I love that memory of him. Tears were a natural part of my Pop’s worship. My tear ducts are a heritage from him. People worship by sitting quietly, dancing, standing, raising hands, closing their eyes, clapping their hands or not. Why not tears?

Thank you, Pop!


Ralph said...

WOW!!!! That is so inspiring. I'll remember that the next time I have to stop speaking.

denise said...

It seems that I am not a crier, one reason being it wasn't modeled I my home. But when I do cry, it's at sad movies and when the Spirit tells me He loves me. You are blessed to have such a positive example of emotional praise from your father.

dianne in colorado said...

Great post, Robbie! I am generally not a crier, except in church. I was a wreck during the Easter service last week!

I think your Dad was right that there is no one better to cry with than the Holy Spirit!