Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Family Joy!

My son Noah said this last night: "Jesus is Risen, I got a great Easter basket, I ate lunch with my cousin AND the Captain got rescued?!! Super day!"

I agree. God is so good and lavishes His love on us consistently! Today, let me share some of the joy He's given to me through some pictures of our Easter church and lunch!

We went to two services. One Saturday night at our church, Jubilee Fellowship and then Sunday morning we joined my brother and family at their church, Southeast Community.

Noah and his cousin Hunter sat in front of us and I took this picture. What a blessing it is to have a great older cousin pouring his life into my boy.

Noah and Hunter, who he adores, at lunch. We ate lunch at Haciendas. It was raining so Mexican food was perfect. And deliciose!

My little man and his Easter basket!

Two of my favorite people in the world. My brother Phil and my sister-in-law Lory. What a pair of truly loving, fun folks! And I get to be related to them!

Phil was wearing these shoes...I have no words. The picture says it all! :0)

My wonderful, HEALED man!! I am so grateful to our Lord for what He's done! (I have rain hair in this picture :0) )

May each day be a celebration of God's love and power!


Ralph said...

Get me Phils shoe size and I'll see what I can find that is not so bright. And if he insists on bright he should go with scarlet and gray :)

denise said...

I hope not every comment about this post is about Phil's shoes, but I am not going to be one who enables that. Phil's shoes are just too ... somethin'. I'm not supposed to slam people behind their back, so I guess I'll wait and tell him how weird his shoes are to his face.

Thanks for showing Phil's shoes to us, Robbie.

Robbie Iobst said...

Ralph and Denise,

Phil's shoes stand out like he does. And although I kid him, I LOVE that he is willing to be himself at all times! :0)

Bradylake Man said...

You gotta have HEART and SOUL to wear dem'choes baby!! Them's my Rezzurection Day Shoes--I was a'celebratin'--and flying my Colors!!
He is Risen!!

Momstheword said...

I'm going to ignore the shoes. Your son is very handsome. By the way, you took pictures in church?? :) Glad you had a happy day. Yes, He is risen! If He hadn't, he would be worthless to us.

Robbie Iobst said...

Bradylake Man aka Phil, you da man, baby!

Moms the Word, I understand your question/concern about taking pictures in church. :0) I took that picture BEFORE the service started. :0)

And thank you Jesus that HE is Risen and He is Lord!

tonya said...

You look so happy there! Praise the Lord, Robbie. He is good.