Thursday, March 06, 2008

You "get" me - You love me!

“I have searched you and I know you.” Psalm 139:1

“Since we have been justified through faith we are at peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord, whom we have also been given access into the grace in which we now stand.” Romans 5:1

You know me.
You “get” me.
And You love me.

You know me. You see when I walk outside in my robe because my dog needs to go and there is my neighbor, witness to all the glorious wonder of nature that is in fact, my hair in the morning. You "get" that I can't seem to fill the tank full of gas even though it is the practical thing to do. $5 will do, right?

You know me.
You "get" me.
And You love me.

You know when I speak harshly to my son.
You love me even as I wound his heart.
You know when I cuddle with my boy and cherish his words.
You love me as I stroke his hair.

You get me.
And You love me.

You get my craziness.
My vain imaginations are not news to You. When I “see” myself or a loved one getting robbed and hurt, You SEE and You remind me to take captive those thoughts.
When I “see” myself being named Writer of the Year and having people yell my name,
You SEE and You remind me to humble myself.

You get me.
And You love me.

You get that I am in a challenging battle with Suduko, that I am fascinated with “Celebrity Rehab,” that I am unsatisfied with my nose looks and that I always want 2 cookies when 1 will do.

You get me.
And You love me.

And this wanting to be a writer is fodder for a strait-jacket.
Am I any good?
Am I just to write for You?
To blog or not to blog?
To submit or not to submit?

When the rejections come, as they have consistently, the disappointment and fear tumble into my home and sit down and ask for coffee. I have to deal with them. It is difficult and draining.

And You are with me.
And You get me.
And You love me through every minute.

When I fall into pity or depression or the blahs, Your hand picks me up. You invite me once again to enjoy the grace in which I can stand.

You get me.
And You love me.

It is amazing.
Your amazing grace.


Kay said...

I think maybe I get you, too.

Isn't God wonderful! I love HIM!

Ralph said...

Thats pretty deep, but if you want to hit gold you got to go deep. Brings to mind a song by the Martins

"on my baddest bad days, on my deepest dark nights, I know that every thing's gonna be all right because...
GOD'S Good

dianne in colorado said...

This post really touched me, Robbie. I truly relate. As a matter of fact, fear is sitting right here having a cup of coffee while I type.

However, I encourage you to run the race, my writing friend, and don't give up. Those rejections are so discouraging, but God know exactly how they work into His marvelous plan for you. Keep at it!

I love this post!

Robbie Iobst said...

Kay, Ralph and Diane, Thank you for reading and commenting. It means a great deal to me, especially this week when I am having a Grace-needing time of it. :0)

Jan Parrish said...

Robbie, you are a fabulous writer. So you just need to know that it's a matter of finding the right market. Look at all you've done so far! I just looked at the two books you are in.

Don't give up cause you're my role model. :)

BTW- you have a great nose.

Jan Parrish said...

Please come to my blog. I have something for you there. :)