Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Romance Her Soul"

Last Saturday mid-morning, I took off for a 24 hour alone-time with God. I went to a retreat center run by nuns, kind of secluded amongst tall pines. It was a great trip and I am sure the ripples of time alone with Jesus will continue through my heart and mind for a great while.

As I was about to leave, John and Noah walked me to the car and helped me put all my stuff in the trunk. You never know stuff, mostly. You never know if you might get invited to a formal dinner in the middle of the woods so you need to take that taffeta gown, right?

Anyway, I said good-bye and then John began to pray for me. I have to brag on my dear husband. He prayed: “God you invited Robbie to come to the woods. You want to woo her. I pray You would romance her soul.”

Wow. I loved the way John put it. “Romance her soul.”

I was feeling very warm and fuzzy toward my man as he walked away. How blessed I am to be his wife. He is just wonderful. Then he turned back and said, “Uh-oh.”

My car had oil all over the front of it. He opened the hood and discovered that my oil cap was missing and oil had spewed everywhere.

Warm and fuzzy disappeared. Anger came bounding in. Of course, for no logical reason, I blamed the dear one who had, just moments before, touched me so deeply. I looked at my man and growled. An actual real growl. Not something I am proud of. I uttered no words, though.

“Well, let’s go to the auto parts store.” John said.

“I’ll follow you and leave from there.”

“Robbie, you can’t drive it like this. We will go and come back.”

Once again, I was enraged.

Why does this happen? How can I go from one moment of such joy and affection toward my husband to the next in which a wrench nearby could’ve easily become a weapon?

We got into the car and drove to the auto parts store. I said nothing.

John reached over and patted my leg and said, “No work of God goes unopposed.”

I held my tongue and began to plan out revenge. This was not John’s fault, but he was the one who was going to pay. Once again this is not a pretty side of me and I know it.

Then it occurred to me to pray.

Duh! Hello! You’re killing me Smalls! Here I was ready to go off on a spiritual retreat and be all Godly and lovey-dovey with the Creator, but my reaction to a little bump in the road was to risk imprisonment for manslaughter.

I prayed as we drove. The Spirit of God brought clarity to my sin filled emotional heart. I saw the silliness of my reactions. I spied the truth in what John had just told me.

I reached over and began to massage John’s neck. I giggled a little. I let the emotions, the anger and the revenge dissipate as God’s Word supernaturally brought peace.

Thirty minutes later I was on the road. Before I left, I made sure to thank John for his prayer and care for me and for noticing the oil so that I didn’t spend time on the side of the road.

My husband opened the door to a rich weekend. It was a lovely time and the Master of all did, in fact, romance my soul.

(The picture above is the view as I stepped out of my cabin. It was sunny, 61 degrees on Saturday and then I awoke to a Sunday morning snowstorm. This is Colorado.)


Ralph said...

Those dreaded 710 caps will get you all the time :)
God is good.

Kay said...

It's the birds. We have to constantly be on guard against the birds who descend to snatch away our blessings. Pay attention it happens every time.
Sometimes I audibly say "shooo!" and wave my arms in the air.

When God cut the covenant with Abraham (or Abram), Abraham's job was to shoo the birds away from the sacrificed animals.
The parable of the sower tells about the birds coming to take the seed. It's a scriptural concept. I didn't make it up. :)

I'm glad you had a lovely time, though. And glad that you took back your blessing!

Robbie Iobst said...

Ralph, All the time! :o)

Kay, what an excellent lesson for me. I have never heard this. Thank you!

Jan Parrish said...

The enemy was there to snatch your blessing but you were on guard. Yes, a little slip, but I think you must of had your armor on because you make a nice come back.

Thanks for this great, vulnerable post.