Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Boy Noises

Four boys are playing outside my home, one of which I produced.

I listen to their giggling, the sounds of war, of tag, of conflict and compromise. Running feet and balls slamming into the ground often catch my attention for a minute. They yell each other's name often and a current trend is to yell "T" which apparently is the 2008 way to say "Time out."

The other day Noah injured his hand on a rock. This is what I heard.

Little boys yelling and chasing each other.
Noah screaming and crying.
Little feet running.
My door bell ringing.
"Noah's hurt!"

He was fine after he washed it. It is amazing how a little water and a break from the hazards of Star Wars can cure Luke Skywalker in minutes.

I sit and listen to the sounds and hope the neighbors, (not all of them have little boys) can understand boy play is not a quiet art. I sit and listen and I thank God He gave me a little boy with all his noises - most of them imitations of cars, planes, gunfire and bodily functions.

But there is one noise that I don't like. It gets me off my computer and out of my chair faster than any other sound. SILENCE.

Four boys being silent. Uh-oh. Someone's up to no good.

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Jan Parrish said...

Good one Rob. I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of water.