Thursday, March 13, 2008

Choose Joy

Thursday Thirteen is a Meme for a few of the blogs I read. I am not a part of this group, but today I want to create my own Thursday Thirteen List.

Happiness is a feeling, an emotion that springs up based on circumstances. Joy is a choice to trust that God is in control of every circumstance, no matter good or bad.

Thirteen reasons to choose JOY:

1)Choosing joy teaches your mind to react with God's truth.

2)Choosing joy often leads to the emotion of happiness. (Not always, but often)

3)Choosing joy lets you off the hook - you don't have to be in control, you just have to lean into God.

4)Choosing joy keeps you grounded in God's perspective - the big picture (that once again, you don't have to control)

5)Choosing joy can involve chocolate as many good choices do (Not all - I know, I know)

6)Choosing joy leads you away from grabbing weapons of mass destruction like snapping at your family and giving your husband the silent treatment.

7)Choosing joy is using control for what it is supposed to be used for - the free will to choose God.

8)Choosing joy gets you out of bed.

9)Choosing joy gives flight to hope and hope does not disappoint (Romans 5)

10)Choosing joy leads to purposeful action as in serving someone else I don't know, say, chocolate.

11)Choosing joy makes your dog cuddle up in your lap instead of stay on the other side of the room, cuddled up in a fetal position shaking in fear.

12)Choosing joy makes your husband and son cuddle with you instead of stay on the other side of the room, cuddled up in a fetal position shaking in fear.

13)Choosing joy is choosing to live your life in God's presence. "In His presence is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forever more." Psalm 16:11

Choose joy today!


cj marley said...

Absolutely, totally, completely the truth! You are so smart; it took me a good bit longer than it did you for that truth to sink into my head. And then a bit longer for it to sink into my soul.

Keep up the good work, Robadob.
I love you.

Danica/Dream said...

This is lovely Robbie. Thanks for spreading the joy!

Kay said...

Beautiful. A wonderful list of reminders.

Jan Parrish said...

Great post. I choose joy in spite of my grief.