Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pots Tea Café & Market
8100 S Quebec St, Centennial CO 80112 • 303 771 4832
Mon thru Fri 7-6:30 • Tue 7–4 • Sun 8–5

Celebrating the Start of the Holiday Season
with…     A Show of Words & Art  
Sun, Nov 18, 201211-3

Artists and Authors Scheduled to Appear…

Artist and Author Pam Roth O’Mara.
Pam creates ThumbPrintPlays™, visual works that begin as written pieces. Pam, who writes each piece in the shape of a thumbprint from the outside in, says of her work, “The process of creating a ThumbPrintPlay results in a very focused bit of verse.”

Photographer Paul Teigeler: PicTropicals.
Paul creates his PicTropicals with a unique eye for scenery and events. Candid or posed, his work carefully focuses on the subject and environment resulting in unique sets of photos cherished forever.

Artist and Author Judith Haynes.
Judith conveys her passion for the coastline, appreciation for floral perfection, and her talent for portraits through her watercolor paintings and note cards.

Author Jude Randazzo.
Jude will be signing recently-released novel, The Omen of the Crow
, complete with all the elements of a thriller plane crash, a stalker, and … well, you’ll just have to read it yourself!

Author Robbie Iobst.
Robbie's stories have appeared in several compilation books including Chicken Soup for the Soul; featuring Devotional Stories for Mothers and Devotional Stories  for Tough Times. She is a regular contributor to The Prairie Times and a frequent speaker for Women's Groups.

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Pots Tea Café & Market
Premium Teas and Accessories
Sit, meet, catch up. Enjoy premium teas, coffee, fresh baked scones,
brownies, cookies, and muffins. Yes, we sell Coffee!
8100 S Quebec St, Centennial CO 80112 303 771 4832

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