Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know - But Do You?

“Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.” Isaiah 43:4

When I was 25, I lived in San Diego, California and drove a maroon Chevy Chevette. I remember clearly driving around the city, wondering if Jesus really loved me. The words of the song “Jesus Loves Me” were etched in my mind, but not my soul. I yearned for a boyfriend or a husband – someone to love me. Passion filled me as I drove and I yelled, “IF YOU LOVE ME, LET ME FEEL IT!”

Fast forward 17 years. Still lived in San Diego. I’d met the love of my life and married him and I’d given birth to a sweet boy. After 19 years of teaching, I’d “retired.” My dream was to write and speak.

But at first, transitioning from full time teacher to unemployed writer felt like stepping off a treadmill after walking for miles. I felt like I was still in motion, but I wasn’t.

I sat in our apartment and asked, “What now, God?”

He told me to sit at His feet and just listen for instructions. So I imagined myself at the throne of God, just sitting. As I sat there, visions filled my mind and heart. Jesus asked me for my hand and helped me stand. Like in one of those old Superman movies (only better) we started flying. He laughed and I laughed and it wasn’t like we were joking about something particular, we were just enjoying each other’s company. I enjoyed the presence of God. He enjoyed me.

I felt His love for me. Really felt it.

And it gets better all the time. Once we were hanging and I was meditating on Isaiah 43:4 (above verse.) In the middle of it, Jesus asked me to dance. You might think He only does Jewish dances, but when we danced He did everything. Two-step, hustle and talk about twisting! The Son of God can twist.

In the middle of this, I felt He was going to throw me in the air like those folks who swing dance. But my insecurity popped up and I said, “I’m too heavy.” See, at my weight, I’ve never been picked up. Not since I was a kid.

Jesus picked me up and threw me in the air and I did these incredible flips and then He caught me.

He said, “Robbie, you’re light as a feather to me.”

I felt His love for me. Really felt it.

We are all different and I know that God does not communicate this way to everyone. Some
folks really feel His love when they walk through nature. Some feel His love for them when they hold their children or grandchildren. Others get that incredible love when they create something.

But sadly, many of us don’t feel it, because we haven’t taken the time to ask for it and listen for instructions.

The last few weeks I’ve listened to many people passionately express their love and fear and hope for our country. On Facebook last night, my news post filled up with extreme sadness and extreme joy for the election results.

I admire passion because it moves us to act.

But today I encourage you to passionately seek the Lord. Get quiet and listen for instructions.
Meditate on His word. Ask Him to let you FEEL His love.

He adores you. He’s not angry or disappointed in you. He cherishes you. He looks at you and gets a kick out of you. And it has nothing to do with your behavior or your political party, your passion, or as in my case, your size. He just wants to hang out with you and rescue you.

And maybe dance with you.

Jesus loves me, this I know! Not just in my mind, but in my soul and in my dancing feet.

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