Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Miracle of God's Timing - Part 2

My sister-in-law Lory told me a story that made me cry. It is a story of God's timing that heals and surprises and loves us. Lory has a sister named Paula. Paula was married to Mark and they had two children. Mark died several years ago. Paula's daughter is in college and her youngest son, Jake, is graduating from high school this month.

A man named John was trying to get a hold of Paula by calling several places including her old workplace. Paula decided to call him and see what was up. She started the conversation by telling John she had no idea who he was. John explained: (This is a paraphrase)

"Paula, I was one of Mark's friends who met him in Las Vegas each year. (Mark went to Las Vegas annually for see-old-buddies-and-hang-out trips.) Every time we were in Vegas, we would end our trips with the same thing. Mark would go to a table and put $100 down and try to roll snake eyes. He would do this and then we'd leave for the airport. Mark never won. Well, I have continued doing this every year in honor of Mark, in memory of him. This year I actually won. I'd like to send the money to Mark's family so that's why I'm calling."

Paula thought about it and then told him, "Mark's son Jake is graduating this month. Why don't you keep half the money and send half of it to Jake?"

A week or so later, Paula and Jake arrived home from errands and got the mail. Jake took a letter addressed to him and went to his room. After a bit, Jake came to Paula and said, "Mom, read this."

Paula looked at the check for $1500 and the letter that came with it. The letter told Jake details about Mark that John appreciated. And then John wrote, "Maybe this money can be a little reminder that your dad is with you as you graduate high school."

Paula started to cry. Jake, who has never outwardly grieved his dad's death, walked to his mom, put his arms around her and cried.

God's timing is miraculous. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in a God that sees the big picture and although He doesn't always choose to interfere with free will and therefore sin and suffering, He does love us and chooses to bless us with little miracles. Miracles of timing.


Denise Miller Holmes said...

These Timing articles are inspiring. Very sweet, and helpful to me in my current situation.

tonya said...

This story just makes my heart cry for joy and for the sadness that this family has lived with. God's timing, so awesome!!