Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Top Ten Moments from our Trip to California!

This past weekend we flew to Redondo Beach, California to celebrate the wedding of my stepdaughter Sarah and her now husband Erik. It was beautiful and joyful and lovely and meaningful. I'm truly at a loss for words, believe it or not.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that moments make up life and cherishing those moments make life more meaningful. Too many times we race past those instances in which something precious has happened. With this in mind, I've made a list of the top ten moments that made this past weekend one of total joy.

10) Standing in the airport in Los Angeles with John and Noah spotting celebrities.

Are these the girls from Jersey Shore?

Justin Bieber, right?
Who are these guys?

9) The welcome hug I received from John's ex-wife Annie, my friend and "sister wife."

8) I got to spend several hours with my stepdaughters, running errands for the wedding. The conversations were priceless! I've never felt closer to Marriah, my oldest.

Hannah, Noah, Sarah and Marriah

7) I drove to Party City with Annie and once again, our talk meant so much to me.

6) At the rehearsal dinner, several folks shared stories about Sarah and Erik. It was a moving display of love.

5) The next morning, Noah and I spent quite a while in the hotel pool and jacuzzi. In March. Outside. We can't do this in Colorada. Playing with my boy in one of our favorite places ( a pool) was wonderful.

4) Watching John walk Sarah down the sidewalk made my heart sing. Beautiful.

3) The vows and the prayer over Sarah and Erik are both so special to me. As John said, "We're witnessing one of God's miracles. Two become one."

2) Visiting and dancing and visiting and dancing at the reception. I will never forget John cutting loose on the dance floor. Of course, the next morning, John and I groaned and said to each other, "You get up and get the Ibuprofen." "No, YOU get up and get the Ibuprofen."

And the number one moment of the weekend:

1) This weekend brought a kind of "culmination of bonding" with my stepdaughters and their mom that has been in the works since John's accident, a couple of years ago. The words "step" and "ex" had no power. We were all family. You have no idea how much this blessed me. At the airport, John and Noah said goodbye to Annie. Then she and I hugged. Tight. I whispered to her, "Thank you, sister wife. This has been wonderful." And she said to me, "This is how family should be."

Sarah's family or as Annie calls them "Circus People." :0) 
We're part of the circus! :0)  


Diane Marie Shaw said...

How beautiful Robbie. Good memories have been seeded, the harvest will be great.

Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful bride and a beautiful setting. I just love a good wedding.

We missed you at WFTJ today. :)

Cheryl Barker said...

Weddings are such beautiful times of family celebration. So glad you all experienced that!