Thursday, March 03, 2011


Tomorrow, the three of us are hopping on a plane and flying out to California. For some reason, I feel a little like a Clampett except we haven’t found any bubbling crude, black gold or Texas tea. The occasion is one of tremendous joy – my middle stepdaughter, Sarah, is getting married! I love weddings and this one, of course, will be especially beautiful.

Sarah’s mom, Annie, told me that she and the mom of the groom are wearing black dresses and I should wear one, too. Sweet! A reason to shop. I went to Dress Barn and I found one on clearance AND I had a coupon. My dress cost…drum roll…$15! If you are a shopper, you are probably experiencing something visceral just reading that. :0)

Sarah’s color is lapis, which is like a dark purple. I decided to find a purple brooch to put on my black dress. Dress Barn didn’t have one. Walmart didn’t have one. Target didn’t have one. So this morning I went to JC Penney. For twenty minutes, I scoured every table and every stand of jewelry looking for a purple brooch. Nothing.

But then…

I saw a little box in the center of a table underneath a shelf with a box on top of it. I crouched down, reached back and grabbed the box. I opened it and Voila! A purple brooch! And to boot, a purple brooch on sale!

Persistence won. Sure, this is a tiny example of not quitting. If I didn’t find a purple brooch, it would not be drastically consequential. At all. But that little feeling of “YES, I found it” was wonderful.

Every day you and I are faced with questions of persistence.

Do I really need to clean all the dishes before I go to bed?

Should I give that little extra at work today?

Do I really want to exercise this morning?

Should I spend another fifteen minutes trying to find a purple brooch?

Sometimes we say no. We’re tired. It’s just not important enough. But when we say yes, the reward is always worth the trouble. A clean kitchen when we wake up. The feeling of doing our best. A healthier body and better self image.

And that sweet moment when you crouch down, reach back and grab the exact brooch you wanted.

Today, when the question arises, go for it! Persist!


Jan Parrish said...

Awesome. Sometime I'll have to go with you to "Charming Charlies." They have an abundance of wonderful, Parrishable accessories. I sigh just thinking about it.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

So glad you persisted and found the perfect brooch. Have a lovely family time at the wedding.

Michele Cushatt said...

I just love this. So happy for ALL of you. What a family.