Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ivanka Trump's Wisdom. Seriously.

I watch The View. I will now pause for booing and clapping, depending on your view of The View. I like it, occasionally. Deal with that.

This past week Ivanka Trump and her mom were on talking about Ivanka’s wedding and new book. During the interview Ivanka said something that affected me profoundly.

Pause for “Seriously. Ivanka Trump.” and “Yeah, right.”

Barbara Walters asked what it was like to go through the divorce of her parents and all of the awful press during that time. Ivanka’s response was something near “I think if that hadn’t have happened to me, my life would’ve been too easy. I was very privileged so dealing with all the pain of that time helped me grow character.”

What wonderful perspective. How fabulous to see wisdom come from one who is young. Younger than me, at least.

So I’ve started to list (in my mind, but I may do it on paper) the awful periods of me life. Then I say, If
hadn’t have happened, my life would have been too easy. I apply this idea to the fact that God is growing and molding me. Pain is a great teacher.

To further the thought, I considered my son. I would love it if one day he said “If that hadn’t happened, my life would have been too easy.”

But am I taking away that possibility by trying to rescue him? Sometimes I take care of life for Noah so he won’t be bothered. When I do this I am stealing his chance to go through difficulties. And he NEEDS to experience some kind of pain. I don’t wish that on him, but if I don’t allow it, how will he grow and learn perseverance? How will he practice looking to God for help if Mom is trying to save the day every time?

Do you ever look at the difficult times as gifts from God? Do you ever stand in the way of your kids’ growth through pain?

Who’d a thunk it? Ivanka Trump let me to the throne of God's wisdom.

Pause for “Sweet!”


Loretta said...

Yes, I can identify with this! Thanks, Robbie.

smithsk said...

I shared your post with my women's Bible study last night in Habakkuk. It fit in very well with this week's lesson of the good that can come when bad things happen.

tonya said...

Robbie, your post spoke to my heart. As a mom, I desire to extend my apron wide to shield my kids from heart ache. In the last few years, I have found this counter-productive in so many ways. We can't be some super power shield for them. They will experience pain and sometimes it even comes from us. And this has been one of the most painful lessons for me to learn, that I caused pain in my children. The very thing I was trying to avoid.

As my Pastor says quite often, "Pain is a symptom that we are alive,"
Not your feel good words, but truth never the less. :)

Great post! I hope you get better soon!

Anne Capucci said...

Seriously! And Robbie don't worry about Noah, right now he has to dig his roots deep so when the storms in life come he won't be blown down!! Thats why your their for him now!
(I'm just the opposite I wish Nic had just one good moment in his short years!) : (

Nishant said...

Yes, I can identify with this!

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