Tuesday, September 08, 2009

27 Personal Secrets that Might Surprise You!

This is a meme that I've been asked to do several times, so today is the day!

I am…a follwer of Jesus, a wife to John, a mother to Noah, a feeder of Scooby.
I want…to become less judgmental and more loving.
I have…a new car - a Subaru Legacy Limited and I'm so grateful!
I wish…I could really improve in my writing.
I hate…cruelty.
I miss…my mom.
I fear... a lot less than I used to, thank you God!
I feel…itchy and happy.
I hear…the song by Leeland "Yes you Have!"
I smell…my husband's cologne - He just walked by - oh baby! :0)
I crave…chocolate!
I search…for quotes and articles about fear, currently!
I wonder…why God made front teeth if He first intended us not to eat meat!
I regret…allowing my body to get so big.
I love…my life!
I ache…for people who are angry at God because Christians have wounded them.
I care…about my son's future, my husband's heart, my dog's well being.
I always…forget to put things back in their place.
I am not…dull. At least that's what I've been told.
I believe…that Jesus loves every single one of us, completely, totally, unconditionally!
I dance…often. Usually by myself with no one looking. :0)
I sing…in the car. Loudly. Joyfully. Not necessarily in tune.
I cry…too easily. I think I have faulty tear ducts.
I don’t always…hold my tongue when I should.
I fight…passive aggresively. I'm working on this.
I write…because it is the thing that makes my soul dance!
I never…run marathons.
I listen…not enough.
I need…self-discipline!
I am happy…being with my family.


Michele Cushatt said...

I love ... this.

Chris Richards said...

This is great, Robbie. You are sooo sweet.

Jan Parrish said...

Yes, you are fun and a joy to be around. I am especially thankful for our friendship. Love you!

Need More Words said...

Thank you for sharing yourself with all us.
You are so awesome. I am so glad that you are part of my life, even if it is only on Tuesdays, on Facebook and through your blog.

tonya said...

I love your list! You are very sweet, Robbie.