Monday, June 08, 2009

Try This! Write a letter in Faith and Fun!

Tomorrow starts 10 weeks of summer vacation with my 10-year-old boy. As I thought about the summer and our plans and goals, an idea popped into mind. Why not look at the summer as if it was over? Looking back at those 10 weeks, what would I want to say?

I wrote the following letter this morning. It helped me set goals and yet see the summer for what it is: another wonderful season created and guided by the Father!

August 18, 2009

Dear Lord,

Thank you for a glorious summer. One of the best ever. Why? Because I did not live in the bondage of self, but instead chose freedom in YOU!

What a delight it was to meet with You every day and hang out! It always prepared me. And You surprised me a few times. Remember?

What joy to hang with Noah and see him grow in You and the Bible. How freeing it was to not worry about entertaining him all the time but instead going with the flow and enjoying every day for whatever it had to offer. And we had a blast swimming, seeing movies, bowling and just being. Thank You for our time reading about Mythology and teaching Noah to type. And Lord, thank You for a great summer soccer season!

And I am so thankful for the strength You gave me this summer to take care of myself physically. Because of You I took my pills on time each day and moved often. And because of Your Spirit I watched, paid attention and WOKE UP to see and limit what I put into my body!

You were with me during my continued organizational efforts and You guided me in furthering my writing and speaking career!

What a blessing You gave John in celebrating his 50th birthday! I am so thankful God to watch my beloved be loved by You.

So it was a great summer, Lord!

Thank You that is wasn't perfect at all. But it was exactly what guided our family to cuddle up with You even more in desperation and gratitude.

Now bring on the fall for You are God of every season!


Try this yourself! Write a letter of gratitude to God from AFTER the summer. Of course, the summer may be totally different than what I think. So what? God will be there. Writing this is a fun exercise in faith!


denise said...

Now you're putting your thinking cap on, girl. Creative exercise. Excuse the cave-girl talk but, me like.

Jan Parrish said...

Awesome letter. I think I'll write one too.