Thursday, June 04, 2009

How Do You Deal With Disappointment?

How do you deal with disappointment?

Here are three methods I WISH I used:

1) Pray and become philosophical and look for the lesson God has for me.
2) Feel the feelings and then turn that energy into usefulness like feeding the poor or running a mile.
3) Logically look at what happened and analyze the long term benefits that may be initially hidden.

Here are the three methods I ACTUALLY use:

1) Ranting. I am one of the top three ranters in the country. I believe number one is a reality TV star and number two, a TV evangelist.
2) Eating. Yep. I eat my feelings, Oprah. And I’m working on putting the cookie down.
3) Taking a mental trip to the worst possible location. I am my own travel agent and I take Concord flights to “This Is Happening Because I Am A Bad Mother Island” or “Why Can’t I Ever Get Ahead In Life Beach.” I stay, get sunburned and crawl back to reality, aloe lotion in hand.

Today I experienced disappointment. I employed my 3 methods in order. First, I got angry and ranted. Next, I cooked peanut butter cookies although I was not hungry. And finally, I packed my bags and visited “I Am So Overwhelmed Luxury Spa And Resort.”

But I am home again. It’s late and the guys are all asleep.

Maybe because it is so quiet, His voice is easier to hear. Or maybe because I’m feeling a little desperate. So I ask, “Okay Lord, how should I deal with disappointment?”

I pause and wait for the Spirit to start enumerating a list. Maybe some verses or words from a recent sermon that will help me out or at least guide me to perspective.

And what do I hear? Over and over?

Just this:

Robbie, I LOVE YOU with an everlasting love. Therefore with loving-kindness I draw you close to me. (It’s from Jeremiah 31:3.)

That’s all God tells me tonight. No formula. No Bible Study. Just His love. An agape love that casts out fear and soothes every inch of my disappointed heart.

I breathe and take it in. I sit a minute in stillness.

I receive my Creator’s love, for it is never forced.

And now I can sleep in peace.

I don’t need methods. I just need HIM.


smithsk said...

I love your honesty, Robbie. That is why you reach where I am. Looking for the lesson God wants me to learn is hard. It's painful. But knowing that we are loved is balm for the pain. Susan

Kay Day said...

"I don't need the lesson, all I need is Him."


tonya said...

I think one of the greatest encouragements I get from you, Robbie is your honesty and vulnerability. I love how you share about your relationship with the Lord. It blesses me so.

I hope your feeling better now...

denise said...

Disappointment stings like the dickens. His love is so powerful. When I read this, I could see Him standing beside you and saying those comforting words to you.
Thanks for being so vulnerable for us, Robbie.