Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heeerrrrreee's Scooobbby!

Quite a few blogs I read have guest bloggers for a day. Upon considering this, I invited a friend of mine to jot down some of his thoughts to share with you. May I introduce my personal friend and guest blogger, Scooby Doo Iobst, puggle extraordinaire.

Thank you, Robbie. It is an honor to be here.

When Robbie asked me to write something for her blog, I pondered the various topics that go through my brain on a daily basis. As I checked the list, it became apparent to me that one subject stood above the rest. Seeing that Robbie's blog is called Joy Dance, I chose to blog about the one thing that gives me joy above the rest.


This morning Robbie and I arose to greet a bright shining day. The first order of business as it should be was to feed me. Without going into any details, my colon has some tender issues. Robbie tells me it is highly important that my diet is consistent. However, a nice man offered me treats at the dog park the other day and I took them. I heard Robbie's "NO!" in the background, but how could I offend the nice man? You understand, right?

Anyway, the extra treats caused a bit of...well...can I say this here? Diarrhea. Ergo, this morning my breakfast consisted of rice, pumpkin fiber and a bit of dog food.

The real tragedy to my tale comes next. After Robbie fed me she then turned and prepared eggs and BACON for her family. BACON! Ahh. The aroma of bacon takes me to a place of exhilaration and comfort, ecstasy and longing. I get tingly all over. Oh, I'm sorry. TMI.

I got no bacon. In the highest form of cruelty possible I just roamed the house amidst the smell of heaven.

But then it hit me. An epiphany. Dogs can have epiphanies, you know. They are just a bit closer to the ground. Anyway, I realized that joy can come by the experience of delighting in someone else's good fortune. Sure, I would love to have the taste of bacon surging within me. But since that was impossible I decided to welcome the joy of the bacon smell as my family enjoyed the taste. I chose to dance within the borders of dead pig aroma and my paws became light as air. I soared, happy within the pungent olfactory sensations as I pictured myself running alongside Farmer John.

I did stay close to the plates on the look out for a piece of porcine goodness. I am, after all, the dog.

My encouragement to you: Take today and enjoy the bacon smells of your life. Perhaps you love something else, though why I would never know. But enjoy it to the fullest.

Some of you may be convinced that the greatest joy is in giving. Today I encourage you to enjoy something for yourself just for today. I have prepared a short list:
Bacon and eggs
Bacon wrapped shrimp
Bacon cheeseburger
You get the idea.

Thank you Robbie, for the chance to express my heart and deep felt appreciation for one of God's greatest creations, bacon. (The whole Kosher thing confuses me; perhaps God was trying to keep it for Himself.)


dianne in colorado said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Too cute! My dog knows just how you feel, Scooby. The only people food I let her eat is what falls on the floor, and as my kids get older there is a lot less of that going on! I will remember you and your heart-warming lesson this afternoon because your story convinced me to make bacon for lunch.

Robbie Iobst said...


Bacon? You're having bacon for lunch? Maybe I could come over. Is your dog a girl dog? I am single right now, but not looking for anything serious, just a bacon lunch now and then. Scooby

Jan Parrish said...

Robbie, I am ROTFL! This is priceless. I'm adding it to my fav posts.

Jan Parrish said...

You're on my TT list of fav posts - twice. :)