Tuesday, March 10, 2015

UNDONE - A New Memoir by Michele Cushatt!! Order it now!

It was a difficult time in my life. I was facing surgery and walking through a lot of pain. I remember sitting on my couch one night, feeling sorry for poor, poor, pitiful Robbie.

My phone made that little noise it makes when I get a text. I picked it up and read:

Come to your door. I'm out here. Need to see you. 

I started giggling and crying at the same time.

"John, will you open the door?" My husband opened it and in came my buddy, Michele. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to come. You need to know. You need to know in person that you are so important to me."

An hour earlier, she had called and told me her fantastic news - she was going to be an emcee at the Women of Faith conferences. But it was a last minute deal and she had to leave the next morning. In fact, she wouldn't be there for my surgery.

"Michele....." I had told her it was okay, but she heard the disappointment in my voice. In the midst of the scariness of surgery, I wanted her near. Selfishly, yes. But there it was.

So what did Michele do? She listened to my excitement for her, for I was truly excited, she listened to my words of forgiveness and grace, for I truly wasn't angry (It wasn't a life or death surgery and I was not going to be alone) and she HEARD that I was disappointed, because I was.

At that moment, a lot of friends would've said to themselves that they did what they could do and then they would go on to packing since the plane was leaving early the next morning.

But not Michele Cushatt

She came over immediately holding chocolate and friendship in her hands, like two presents that go together. And of course, they do. :)

Michele and I sat on the couch for a while and laughed and cried. We laughed at the simple joy of exciting news and an opportunity to bless others in the name of Jesus. We cried at the sadness that pain evokes. Sitting in my living room, together, we had a few moments of the pleasure of friendship, sent straight from the Father. And from my friend's heart.

That was almost a year ago. I could tell SO MANY Michele Cushatt stories. Stories of cooking and laughter and writing. So many hours spent together writing!! At one point, we both desperately wanted to complete our manuscripts and decided to encourage each other in the doing. So we made a pact to KEEP GOING. No matter what we could KEEP GOING. My first novel came out a year ago. And today, March 10, 2015, one of the best books I've ever read is launched:

UNDONE by Michele Cushatt!!

It's a memoir that tells the story of a deep friendship between Michele and sweet Jesus. A friendship that is tested over and over through cancer, blended family woes and an unexpected gift of three littles - children that would move into her home and change her life. It's a story of the kind of friend Jesus is - He shows up in her book over and over to tell her to give up control and lean on Him. He gives her perspective that turns into courage when she is scared to death. He puts folks in her life that point back to Him. Jesus is all over this book, showing US, Michele's readers, that walking in His grace means developing a kind of friendship that will get us through ANYTHING. Life and death and death and life.

Michele Cushatt is one of my best friends. And weirdly enough, it's been kinda difficult trying to come up with a review for her book. Too many words crowd my mind.

But finally, one has come through. Friendship. Undone is a story of making peace with an unexpected life through hanging out with her best friend - Jesus. Michele is unwaveringly honest and real. None of the Christian spewing of shallow platitudes. She has walked through hell the past couple of years and in every phase of it, she has done the same thing over and over. She has turned to her best friend for help. I've told her many times that what I have admired about her the most is her consistency in practicing her faith. Even when it was faith alone - no emotions. In fact, even when the emotions were anger and fear and a sense of darkness - she still opened up the Word of God and called out to her friend, her best friend, Jesus.

I will never forget the night that my friend Michele made sure that I knew she was in my corner. She came to my home late at night and offered me chocolate and her heart.

As I read Undone, as YOU read Undone, you will realize that there is a friend like no other who will always show up at your home when you need Him. He will have the good chocolate with Him, too. :)

Go now and order this wonderful memoir and let the Father snuggle with you on the couch and show you His deep love for you.  This is the link to Undone on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0310339782/


Megan DiMaria said...

What a sweet, sweet story.

I also think Michele's memoire is extraordinary. A must-read for encouragement through life's challenges.

Robbie Iobst said...

Thank you Megan!! It is a great read! :)

jviola79 said...

Beautiful review & testimony of friendship. Undone will always be a favorite of mine & probably is one of the best memoirs I have read. So glad to have met you through the launch too :)

Holly Haynes said...

Love this review Robbie! And what a beautiful gift of friendship! Thanks for sharing with us!

Robbie Iobst said...

Joanne, Thanks for your words and it has been sweeting meeting you through Michele's book launch. I'll be praying tomorrow for your mom. :)

Robbie Iobst said...

Holly, friendship is such a GIFT!!! Especially the friendship of our God. Bless you Holly!

Rebecca Barth said...

What a blessing to have such a friendship. Some women seek this kind of friendship their entire lives and do not find it.

I cannot wait to read the book. Thanks for sharing this story!

Robbie Iobst said...

Rebecca, THANK YOU! I am so glad we are friends. And yes, you have to read this book. You'll love it! :)

Dianne Daniels said...

I was looking forward to reading Michele's book, but now I can't wait. She is such an inspiration, as well as a wonderful writer. Thanks for sharing this, Robbie.