Thursday, June 19, 2014

Joyvotion - A Scooby Lesson

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
    but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

My dear old Puggle Scooby ran off the other night. He was outside on our condo’s balcony and saw a bunny. Any rabbit is an immediate nemesis for Scooby. Professor Moriarty to his Sherlock. The Joker to his Batman. A meal for his tummy. J

Scooby had to have that bunny so he actually opened our screen door (it wasn’t closed all the way) and took off. I heard the door open and close and thought John and Noah had returned from a man-thing they were doing. But instead, it was Scooby living life off the leash.

I do my best to try to control my dogs. We obey leash laws and try to keep their barking at a minimum. But Scooby’s heart was made to chase rabbits. This is a fact. I cannot control this fact.

My life right now is full of circumstances I cannot control. I try, but I sense God giggling when I do. If only everyone would do as I do, well, life would be much better. But my husband and son don’t get this. Can you believe that?? J

My body doesn’t quite register that it needs to do exactly as I say. My neighbors, friends and even my puppies make decisions before asking me permission.

The world of recovery and 12 steps has a wonderful saying – “Live life on life’s terms.”

This simply means stop trying to control everything and everyone around you. Instead, enjoy what God brings to your door and deal with difficulties as they come.

To me, a control freak since birth, this is terrifying. Right now, I am living in a place of trying to desperately control what will happen in the next two weeks. I have a plan that I think would be excellent for everyone concerned.

Did you hear that?

God giggled again even as I typed.

The bottom line is this: do I trust God to work it all out more than I trust myself?

Ouch. Trusting the Father is a moment by moment decision every day. It is up to me to hand over my worries, my plans and my expectations to Him because He is El Elyon – the Most High God. The One who is sovereign and controls everything. EVERYTHING.

Scooby didn’t get the bunny and came back inside, triumphantly wagging his tail. My silly Puggle reminded me that living life off the leash is what makes a heart sing. And yet I try to leash up everything around me. I try to take the Father’s place. It always ends badly.

So today, pray with me this simple prayer: Father, You are in control. Help me embrace this truth.

As the great Kay Arthur said, “Nothing will happen today that isn’t first sifted through God’s hands.”

He is in control. Acknowledging and accepting this fact will bring sweet gifts of joy to our controlling hearts. 


Cheryl Barker said...

Robbie, I've got quite a bit of that control freak in me, too :) But there is great peace in trusting it all to God. Sometimes it just takes me a minute to remember that! :)

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Kathy Voshell said...

Thanks for the post. I can relate in many ways:-)