Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Have you Thanked God for Your Gift(s) Today?

Part of dancing in joy is thanking God for the gifts He gives. Gifts of love. One of the most precious gifts in my life is my son, Noah. Someday I'll catch up in my scrapbbooking (yes, I am part of that cult) so I can sit and look at photographs of the ways God has loved me through the boy. The camera is one of those inventions that I believe has strengthened family joy. We get to capture time, just an iota, and create a memory. He's growing up fast, so I carry the camera around often. :0)

He's a Boy Scout.

A soccer player.

The king of the world. :0) This was taken at Garden of the Gods.

Owner of Scooby. This is when Scooby visited Noah in the hospital a couple of weeks ago.

His father's son.

A friend who loves adventure.
He and some buddies standing
in front of a fort they built by the
creek by our home.

A typical boy? I took this picture
when I went into his bedroom to get his laundry. Yep, that's a pile of clothes by an empty basket. :0)

A great kid with a super sense of humor.

I thank God for my gift!


Jan Parrish said...

What a great kid! He's definitely all boy!

I am behind in getting the photo's in albums by about 15 years. Seriously.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

What a gift he is and how wonderful that you recognize it. It grieves me when I hear parents talking about their children like they are an interruption to their life. They are joy, fun, surprise, love, pain and they keep you young.

Robbie Iobst said...

Jan, we should scrapbook together some time! :0)

Diane, I absolutely agree. Our society seems to devalue children more and more as they increase the value of personal freedom. Something is wrong with that.

Cheryl Barker said...

Thanks for sharing these pics, Robbie. Loved the Soccer Player one :) He looks like he's full of orneriness and fun. Enjoy these years -- they go by so fast! (I just posted a pic of my baby as she's getting ready for her wedding!)