Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Have You Smelled Yourself Lately?

Ever watch Bravo’s The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton? It’s a show in which Lipton interviews celebrities about the craft of acting. At the end of each interview, he asks his guests the same list of questions. One of them is “What is your least favorite word?”

Sure, I’ve daydreamed about being on that show. Silly. Harmless. And I always answer the same when Mr. Lipton asks me this particular question.

“Robbie, what is your least favorite word?”


I can’t stand this word. When I think of it, I always picture a pond of stinking water. No life going in and none going out. And maybe I don’t like this word because I have hated the times in my life when I was seemingly stagnant.

No growth. No challenge. Kind of stinky.

God made us to be people who are constantly and consistently growing. Not just sideways. But in the core of ourselves. That part that sees our weaknesses and tries to change them into strengths. The part that recognizes the beauty of a simple challenge, whether it be traveling to a place we’ve never been or picking up a new hobby.

I find myself looking at that part of me these days. A corner of it is producing a bit of an odor. Just a little. But definitely a funky kind of scent.

Stagnancy must be addressed as soon as it is recognized or it infects other areas. Courage becomes fear. Productivity becomes laziness.

Are you stagnant? Is there a part of you that God is nudging you to look at?

Do you smell anything stinky?

You have a choice. Let it passively go by the wayside, or get busy.

In that elaborate daydream in which I look absolutely fabulous, James Lipton also asks me “Robbie, what is your favorite word?”

My answer is always the same.


(I won’t be blogging Thursday. Family in town. See you next Tuesday.)


Jan Parrish said...

Good word Robbie.

Cheryl Barker said...

Good food for thought, Robbie. Enjoy the time with your family!

Joanna said...

Great read, Robbie. I liked how you used the image of the stagnant water.

Robbie Iobst said...

Jan, Cheryl and Jo, thank you! You know, comments are an encouragement. Thanks for taking the time cause I know I read blogs and don't always leave comments. So THANK you!

smithsk said...

When you made your points of stagnant and growth, I thought of Jesus' parable of the talents.

Those that took their talents and invested them (growth) were commended by their master. The one that buried his talent (stagnant) was condemned.


Robbie, you think along the same lines as Jesus.