Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kimberley Woodhouse's book Welcome Home!

I love this book! Kimberley Woodhouse's book Welcome Home tells the story of the Woodhouse family as they go through many, many trials and tribulations. Kayla, Kim's daughter, is diagnosed with HSAN, a rare disorder that causes Kayla to not be able to sweat or feel pain. The Woodhouses live in Colorado Springs and were recipients of a brand new home care of the ABC show, Extreme Makeover.

Reading this book deeply encouraged me. It's hard to not think, "Well if the Woodhouses went through this and prevailed, I can go through difficult times, too."

Through each leg of Kimberley's journey, we read about God's leading Kim to joy. Joy in the midst of, joy despite, joy no matter what. The phrase "Consider it joy" is peppered thoughout the book.

If you are going through anything difficult, have gone through anything difficult, or believe that difficulties lie ahead, this book will encourage you. The word encourage means "to give courage." Kim gives us courage to keep going,hang on to Jesus and choose joy.

Read it! :0)

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dianne in colorado said...

Thanks for letting us know this is out. Kim is an amazing person and I look forward to reading her story.