Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ode to Scooby

One year ago, you came into our home,

A manic, hefty puggle of one,

Noah picked you out, love at first sight,

He saw you and knew you would be fun.

But not I, oh no, I saw trouble with fur,

You’re my little boy’s pup, not mine.

I’ll clean up your piles and buy the dog food,

But no affection, that’s where I draw the line.

You proved very quickly a startling trait,

Your colon blew often and everywhere,

I almost wrenched your puggle neck trying to teach you “Outside!”

But finally poopage occurred in the outside air.

You chewed my furniture with your little underbite,

Like it was your right, your duty to do,

Again, I thought we should throw you back,

Get a poodle or a mutt, just not you.

But then…

You started sitting on my toes every day when I’d write,

You’d look at me with tender big eyes,

You nursed me when I was sick with your sweet little fur,

And I loved watching you wrestle with my guys.

You started to chase bunnies and inspired me to chase mine,

You began cuddling with me at night,

I tried to resist becoming attached to a dog,

But your paws inched their way into my life.

And now…

You’re my baby, my Scooby, my precious little dog,

I wouldn’t trade you in for the world,

You follow me around and sit on my lap,

Hefty puggle wrapped up into a sweet little curl.

Noah and you still wrestle and John and you watch TV,

You still chase bunnies and love the dog park,

Your colon still blows, no a lot hasn’t changed,

Except you Scooby Doo are now in my heart.


Megan DiMaria said...

Oh, it's easy to see how you could fall in love with Scooby.

I blogged about my dog too: http://megandimaria.blogspot.com/2008/03/day-in-life-of-belle.html

A prisoner of hope,

Kay Day said...

That is just precious.

Jan Parrish said...

What a wonderful ode to Scooby. He's not stupid. He knows what side is bread is buttered on. You know what they say,"If Momma ain't happy..."

He keeps you company while you write? Yep, that was the clincher. Plus, he's pretty darn cute.

I'll pay you to have him eat my rabbits. I just need him for a few hours. He should be able to get the job done in that amount of time.

Julie said...

I was afraid that this would leave me with leaking eyes, but it was all good, and not a sad ending. He is cute, and you should know that no matter what ANYONE says, the pets always end up belonging to the mom. :)

tonya said...

How sweet, Robbie. You are such a gifted writer...

Loretta said...


I really need to borrow Scooby...get the bunny, Scooby!


Ralph said...

Robbie, your title scared me, thought something bad happened to Scooby. Haven't you herd of the movie "Must love dogs?"